Anticipate, See Trends, Plan, Implement, AdaptStrategic Planning

Business development life cycles are moving faster creating the need for creativity and innovation in action.  The strategic planning process has become something that is not done on a yearly basis but an interactive process throughout the year.

In today’s global economy, more ambiguity and increased globalization and use of technology, all companies realize the need for change.  This is a period of revolutionary breakthrough. Just as we have seen through history – there are trends that redefined how we work and generate economic certainty.   In 2004, Thomas Freidman, in his book The World Is Flat, shared his insights on what we could expect in the 21st century with changes in foreign policy, economic issues and how countries, companies and societies must adapt.

Working with your organization, we bring objectivity, real curiosity and powerful insights to explore possibilities.  Fundamentals of business principles do not change – but how the process is managed has evolved over the years with world issues and technology advancement.  The way people think “outside the box” is the new normal.

Source Point Training has created a dynamic discovery model to address this new strategic planning cycle.  It involves getting to the core purpose of an organization in a way that each employee understands their unique contribution and ownership for creating well defined outcomes. This requires a shared mindset and alignment on how business challenges will be addressed in order to meet the narrow windows of opportunity with confidence.

As a result, teams have greater confidence in the ability to manage change. They work in a more responsive and collaborative way to adapt to trends and stay ahead of the game in the rapidly evolving world we live in.


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