How do you rate in Competitive Responsiveness?

• Does your organization have at least three scenarios on how your market will evolve over the next 2 years?
• How is your company building its talent for succession planning?
• What are the three biggest operational challenges your company will face in the next year?
• How will you develop faster decision making processes across the organization?
• Are your employees committed to taking the lead in their field of expertise?
Corporate & Team Development


We have over 25 years of working with organizations to assist them to reach new levels of performance and competitive advantage. These can be exciting times. While change can sometimes create fear and uncertainty, we work with organizations to see new and exciting possibilities. This requires a belief and attitudes that each person in the organization has a unique contribution and makes a difference. Working with teams to develop their creative thinking skills purpose, find their strengths and shared resources creates a new synergy.


We operate with our clients from the following presuppositions for change.

• There is no such thing as failure – only feedback – it is how to take the feedback that makes the difference
• Requisite variety – the element in any system with the most flexibility will be the controlling element
• Breakdown opens possibility for breakthrough
• Communication is about co-creating relationships in alignment with true intention
• People and organizations have all the resources they need – what they need is access to them at the right time and place
• Anything occurring in one part of a system impacts the rest


Coaching for business and team Team Workdevelopment:

• Coaching managers and executives on specific goals
• Leadership development training and tools
• Succession planning
• Building trust and collaboration in teams
• Providing Behavior Profile assessments and employee surveys


Coaching how to anticipate and adapt

Business development life cycles are moving faster creating the need for creativity and innovation in action.  The strategic planning process has become something that is not done on a yearly basis but an interactive process throughout the year.

Working with your organization, we bring objectivity, real curiosity and powerful insights to explore possibilities.  Fundamentals of business principles do not change – but how the process is managed has evolved over the years with world issues and technology advancement.  Getting people to think “outside the box” is the new normal.

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