We create a peaceful environment for healthy conversations, fun, and creativity to occur.  Join us in our beautiful Sonoma Wine Country Retreat setting to take your team away and to discover exciting new ways to move forward.

Staying in the Race – The Key Elements of Employee Engagement

• Manage the relationship vs. the person by building trust and commitment
• See how attitude impacts accountability to generate greater results and breakthroughs
• Coach competency and accountability that leads to employee engagement

Leading Accountably – Building Ownership in a Chaotic World

What does it mean to be in ownership?

• Discover a breakthrough model for looking at all results as a way to create more  positive outcomes
• Reframe what it means to take ownership and be accountable to increase innovation and out-of-the-box thinking

5 Principles to Building Strong Relationships in the Workplace

Our behaviors follow our beliefs.

Learn how you think and interpret the world and how it impacts your results; understanding your individual “map” and how you see and react to the world around you.

Values Based Living – How to Make Tough Choices in Difficult Times

Know your personal values; learn how to manage each day aligned with what is truly important to you.

Navigating through life and work today is more challenging than ever. In an unpredictable world, people want more predictability; a sense of direction to guide them.

Living with Purpose and Vision – Charting Your Course

Having a clear purpose in life is like the rudder on a boat.  Purpose can guide you through turbulent waters and keeps you focused with a sense of direction. We all know that change is everywhere and those of us who resist change will not be set up to succeed.

Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intention

Personality is comprised of the environment we have been exposed to and our genetics.

In today’s fast-paced, multi-generational and highly mobile global world, understanding the most effective way to communicate can be a challenge.  Learn the value of Emergenetics and gain insights into understanding different thinking preferences and behaviors and why people do what they do.  Attend a high impact Meeting of the Minds 1-Day Workshop to learn how to create Emergeneering in your organization.

Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier’s training design and delivery background is extensive. We welcome your request for a customized presentation on a topic of your interest that is not represented here.