The Source Point Training team has been working hard and with great enthusiasm to define what we are offering people who are interested in facilitating revolutionary change. Whether as leaders in your day-to-day lives, as a professional coach working with clients or as a facilitator-of-change, you are teaching, training or influencing others to take on new levels of learning to be most effective and truly fulfilled.

We believe that in today’s busy world with so many things occurring (all those apps!) that people are only interested in what they can grab and use most effectively right now. The speed of technology and the fast pace we all experience does not allow for much quiet time and reflection. However, there is still the need to connect, to feel connected, to relate and to obtain valuable information. The Source, the Source Point Training e-newsletter is designed to give you the most up-to-date and topical news on personal growth and professional development.

What will make this newsletter a must read when you receive it each month? We promise there will be something that you will read and learn that you will be compelled to share with others. Let’s face it – we all want it to be easy, and when we find something that inspires us or benefits us we tend to share it with others.

We believe that Source Point Training will become one of your favorite places to visit, as well as to learn and grow. We welcome your participation and input as we move forward. Get ready to learn valuable “apps” for living your life as the source of all that you create, and sharing that energy with others.

Welcome! The Source Point Training team
–Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier