Living on Purpose!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Today, there is a lot of talk about ‘purpose’.  Businesses have long had purpose and/or mission statements, personal growth environments encourage individuals to find their personal purpose, some people look for purpose in a spiritual context i.e. the purpose of being in this world, etc.  But what do you think when you hear “live a life of purpose”?

Purpose isn’t just for those BIG concepts – the purpose of a business or your life purpose.  While those BIG purposes are the foundation, how do you go about living that purpose in everything you do each day?  In organizations, how do employees live out a company’s purpose within the duties and leadership of their individual positions?

As many of our readers know, Purpose answers the question ‘why?’ and it guides us like the rudder on a boat.  Why is this business in business?  Why are you here on this planet at this time?  For most individuals, answering the later question is a journey of self-reflection, exploration and discovery.  In our e-book – The Power of Personal Purpose – Barbara shares an exercise to assist individuals in starting a Purpose Quest.  This is a great exercise that many of our coaches use with their clients to begin to identify their life purpose.

What I, and the clients I work with, find most impactful in living a life of purpose, is seeing the purpose in everything we do – each and every day:

  • Why am I having today’s meeting with my staff?
  • Why are we producing and distributing this report each month?
  • Why am I in relationship with this person?

Once I’m clear on the purpose I’m about to undertake, I can clearly see and articulate the vision I have for the meeting, the usage of the report data, or the vision for the relationship.  And from there we can set goals/milestones that will come from the action we will take and to identify how those actions will occur.

Take some time this week and take yourself on a Purpose Quest!  If you don’t already have a copy of The Power of Personal Purpose, click here to download it.

And, if you find that your purpose calls you to empower others, to be a catalyst for change, to raise up leaders, to walk beside those who struggle through challenges, consider becoming a coach for others!  Our next training begins April 29-May 1 in Tempe, AZ!

With warmest gratitude, Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training



This week, Source Point Training launches Open Enrollment for the next Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching.  The increase in demand for coaching continues to grow.  More and more business leaders are realizing the impact coaching can have on their organizations and moving towards embracing a coaching culture as a way of being in business and serving their employees and their customers.

treehandsPart of this steadily increasing interest from within the business community is the realization, especially with the growing millennial population, that developing the “whole person” is what most positively opens the space for innovation and impact to  their bottom line.  For so long, businesses have been investing in “professional development” focused on specific “hard skills” training and traditional “management development”.  Today, progressive organizations see that it must be a combination of professional AND personal development.

Below are a few excerpts from a great article written by Geoffrey James, Contributing Editor for, that highlights that innovation comes from personal growth of an organization’s employees and the 4 key ways an organization can nurture the personal growth of employees.  You can read the full article here:

1.    Create a community; not a machine.  I’ve sometimes heard leaders proudly describe their organization as “well-oiled machine.”  When leaders think of organizations as machines, they inevitably dehumanize employees either as cogs in that machine or “resources” that the machine must chew up and spit out in order to keep itself running. When leaders visualize an organization as a community of individuals it sets a completely different tone. It unleashes a flood of enthusiasm and energy. Employees feel free to grow into new roles in order to help the entire community to succeed.goofy

2.    Balance overtime with “undertime”.  Today’s pace of change is so rapidthat it sometimes feels like you’ve got to run as fast as you can just to stay in the same place, let alone get ahead of everyone else. Because there’s never time to relax, you burn out before you get anywhere.  It’s true that you’ll sometimes need to work overtime to meet deadlines or ship dates. To give yourself (and everyone else) a chance to grow, you also need to work “undertime” which means, well, goofing off.

3.    Provide training on life skills.  Many leaders consider training to be an expense. What’s worse, such leaders think training should be limited to job skills.  In fact, a company’s ability to take full advantage of good times as well as cope with the bad times requires employees with strong life skills: overcoming fear, managing emotions, building empathy, better communication, etc.  While training on job skills is important, training life skills can create those breakthrough moments where people transcend their limitations and grow into the person they need to be to move to the next level.

4.    Commit to your own personal growth.  When your company grows, the leaders either grow or are left behind. Executives who fail to grow get stuck in one job.  Successful entrepreneurs and executives are lifelong learners. They devour new information, seek new perspectives, challenge themselves to become the best they can be. [Personal growth] comes from spending time and energy on yourself. It comes from developing the courage to let go of who you think you are and instead transform yourself into someone better.

Organizations that see the value in supporting both the personal and professional growth of their employees are the organizations who are actively:

– Contracting outside certified coaches
– Hiring Internal Coaches
– Bringing in a coach training curriculum to promote coaching as a new approach to old school management

If you are interested in becoming a certified coach with an ICF Approved organization or feel your organization would like to learn more about infusing a coaching culture as part of their Training & Development focus, give Ginny Carter, Administrative Director, a call to learn more, 800-217-5660.  Check Our Website for more information about Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching and our next  dates.

Warmest wishes, Barbara


Launching Your Business . . . What You Need to Know

I recently had a coaching session with one of my clients who was excited to share that his business was beating his yearly projections and he was ahead of his forecast.  What great news to hear.  This reminded me of a presentation I gave almost 5 years ago to a group of professional coaches at an International Coach Federation Chapter in Silicon Valley California on how to accelerate their coaching business.openbusiness

Today, there are more new business start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area than ever before. So if you are contemplating starting your own business or if you have your own business, here are things to keep in mind to have a successful “lift off”.

Gain Clarity – on your values and your value proposition.  In other words, evaluate your personal values and be sure that you establish clear guidelines on how you want your customers to experience you. You will be tested on this so it is great to lay it out and align on the importance of being guided by your values.

Explore Your Purpose – Why are you starting this venture?  Why is it important to you? What about it lights up your passion?  Starting a business requires time, energy and commitment.  The business you are beginning must align with your purpose and passion.  This is what will keep your creative side alive and continuing to find new ways to deliver your products or services.

See Your Vision of Success – This means look to your future 5 years ahead.  What are the outcomes you want?  Be willing to have your vision be BIG – you will be amazed at how things will unfold if you allow yourself to think big – beyond your wildest dreams! Be sure that your vision includes your whole life – not just your vision for your business success.  Family and friends will be a part of what you are creating; if they have a relationship with you they will be impacted by your success.

boatDevelop Goals – This might seem hard at first but will become a natural part of how you grow and develop your business.  Without clearly defined goals, you can get lost and fall off course.  Goals are also a great accountability system.  You must be willing to look at results – even when they do not match up to your goals.  This will be your way of  knowing when to make adjustments.  I have a favorite way of explaining that purpose is like the rudder on a boat; but goals are your steering mechanisms.  They help you adjust to the current and the wind.

Use All Forms of Communication – Social media has become the fastest way to stay in touch with your market so you must begin to unleash the writer within.  Be authentic in your communication.  Let people know who you are, why you have this business, what you offer, and how you will serve them.  Tell your story; people today love to hear about the people behind the business.  This is one of the quickest ways to establish a relationship.

Define Your Niche and Expand Your Network – Having your own business means there is no time to be timid or shy.  If this is truly your passion and what you want to create and provide, then be out there telling everyone you know all about it.  Go to places where people who want what you have will be meeting. This includes conferences, trade shows, even webinars and blogging groups.  Let people hear from you.  Become known as the subject matter expert for your market area.

The ” lift off” can take a lot of energy and work; this is where your commitment will be tested time and time again. But once you take flight, the joy of soaring can be the most accelerating experience of your life.  Here’s to your success and soaring to new levels!

Warmest wishes, Barbara


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Leading with Purpose and Managing Priorities

With today’s 24/7 demands, our attention is divided and we’re forced to focus on things that may not necessarily be what’s important.

Control is one of our greatest illusions. Let’s face it, even with all the information available, unexpected events often interfere with our plans and our best efforts to control an outcome or an event, and even ourselves. And what happens to us, to those around us, and to the teams and organizations we lead when things get disrupted?

Multi tasking in every directionFor many of us, it depends on the day. There are times when we run into an obstacle and see it as an opportunity for creativity; a challenge that excites us. Then there are times when an obstacle throws us off balance, creates confusion and stress, and shows up in our actions. These reactions are often not productive, and it depends on our ability, on that day, in that moment, to regain focus quickly so we can respond with purpose and creativity.

Great news! It’s possible to cultivate this capacity and train ourselves in the same way we would train our body to be stronger, more flexible and fit. And, for this training to be the most effective, do it in the context of strengthening and expanding our capacity to lead with purpose.

Leadership Source training and coaching provides the ability to be purposeful and present, in all areas of our lives each day. The results we consistently see have been both in what people already recognize about their lives, and in new awareness and personal practices developed in a short period of time that is extraordinary.

We coach people to lessen the time that they live on auto-pilot and reaction and to use their time more effectively by being focused on their purpose and desired outcomes, learning to adapt responsibly.  Participants learn that stopping and making the effort to be purposeful improves their capacity to be at their best and enhance their productivity and clarity. They stop being on auto-pilot norms
that had become engrained as they juggle demands.

What’s needed now, more than ever, is the ability to cultivate our capacity to be present, to experience life and people exactly as it unfolds, and to tap into this potential gift of leadership presence with clarity, compassion and joy.  Learn to remove distractions, or significantly lessen them, so that there is more room for the spaciousness and clarity to respond with purpose, flexibility, calm and
creativity when the unexpected occurs.

As we work with our clients in their own leadership purpose, they rediscover the passion that first brought them to their chosen profession or to their leadership aspirations. Time and again, people are able to answer the call to be of service to their teams, to be compassionate leaders, to push the boundaries of knowledge, and meet the challenge to be creative and passionate about their unique contribution.

Share with us what cultivates your presence to support experiencing people and events with an open clarity, compassion and focus!

Cultivate your capacity and master your Leadership skills at Source Point Trainings for an amazing tomorrow!

By Kelly Mobeck