Personal growth and change never occurs without real world experiences. Our life’s lessons teach us what to do, what not to do and how to make choices. Unfortunately, many of life’s lessons also teach us how to play it safe or use strategies designed to keep us from getting hurt or feeling like a failure.

Over time, we fail to recognize how our life’s experiences can limit us. We lose the natural desire to explore new horizons or diverse relationships and to take risk to learn something new. Our worldview becomes narrow and closes us off to new possibilities and we can become “fixed” in how we see things, how we react and how we communicate.

Source Point Training is excited to announce the collaboration with Martha Borst of Martha Borst Consulting. Barbara Fagan and Martha have been friends and colleagues for almost 10 years and have found this unique opportunity to collaborate; bringing their unique skills and experiences in the world of consulting and coaching together to form the Transformational Trilogy.

What began six years ago in the bucolic community of Healdsburg, California nestled between the ocean and the hills of wine country, is growing beyond Sonoma County. The word is spreading and many people are coming to experience personal growth and change in this beautiful part of the world.


Insight ––> Breakthrough ––> Application
Discovery ––> Permanent Change ––> Internalization fulfillment


The Basic Self Mastery Course is a caring, hardworking and inspiring educational seminar designed to generate insights and discoveries into the areas of your life that matter most to you, both personally and professionally. As we encounter the constant demands of our busy lives and the fast pace of the rapidly changing environment around us, we can easily lose balance, become overwhelmed, confused and misdirected. Often, you may find yourself feeling stressed while trying to put out fires or perhaps you’re wondering where intimacy went in your relationships. Sometimes you may feel like you’re swimming upstream and working hard, but not getting very far.

At times like these, it is critical to have a clear understanding of who you are, why you’re here, what you want, where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and how you can individually carve out the kind of future you desire.

You will learn skills, receive tools and examine the beliefs and values that influence your decision-making. By becoming aware of your power to influence and direct your current experience as well as your future, you will be able to understand how to master the navigation of your life.

The greater understanding you have of yourself and of Life’s Laws, the more successful you can be in making the right choices for yourself and the people around you and the better able you will be to become a productive, contributing member of your community.

Martha Borst will be by your side, guiding you on how to achieve your wants, needs, dreams and goals. You can count on her communication to be direct and clear. You can never offend her because this is your ride and she is only here to be of service to the quality and effectiveness of your ride. Space is limited to 16 people only and the course is only given six times a year.

I am not a self-help person, so when I was offered to participate in the Basic Self Mastery Program, I was hesitant. However, I cannot describe adequately how profound and influential those three days were for me. I came away with a purpose and a deeper understanding of my world. Martha is a force of nature. I sincerely thank her for offering me this effective and heart-warming method of connecting to self, to community and to humanity.”

Lisa Steinkamp


Critically acclaimed best-selling author, MARTHA BORST is a Senior Organizational Consultant and Master Coach with over 40 years of experience in Personal and Professional Leadership Development. She  has conducted consulting projects and development programs for well-over 25,000 executives, managers and corporate employees nationwide and continues this work with Fortune 500 companies as well as  individuals across the U.S and abroad.

Her book, Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You, hit #3 Best Seller on Amazon.

Click on her book for a personalized copy now.


Coached by both Barbara Fagan and Martha Borst, The Advanced Self Mastery Course is open to anyone who has completed the Basic Course. It’s a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience designed for those who are committed to permanent change in their lives. This is the course where you break through all the barriers standing in the way of your own personal power.

Through this course, you will see a multitude of new ways to live your life, which will bring you greater joy, inner peace, freedom, clarity and fulfillment. Once you see what’s possible, you will never want to go back.

The Advanced Course will expand and deepen your awareness and personal power in ways you have not yet imagined possible. You’ll stretch your mind, expand your heart and enrich your spirit.

Thank you Martha and Barbara for giving me this wonderful gift. I am enjoying the journey of my life more than I could have thought possible. Loving deeper, finding myself in the moment more and connecting with my kids in a wonderful new way.”

Tara Jasper



Leadership Source is open to Advanced Course graduates and is directed and supervised by Barbara Fagan. By taking the principles and Life Laws of the Basic and Advanced out into the world with you and practicing ways applying them each day, you will begin to see the changes you want in your life come into reality.

This 10-week Leadership Coaching program is designed to support and guide you to put into practice everything you learned in the Basic and Advance courses. You will have your own workbook, share ways to apply principles of effective communication, make choices with real accountability, and be guided by your personal purpose, vision and ways to collaborate and align with others to create amazing results at home and at work.

Your personal coach will work with you each week consistently translating your new awareness context into real, everyday practical and powerful results. This training consists of two training weekends and 10 weeks of 1:1 coaching.

Challenging, exciting, and fun, the Leadership Source Training supports you to achieve your most important goals while living a life of rich abundance.

“Leadership was the perfect opportunity to utilize the tools I learned in the Self Mastery courses and working closely with a personal coach in setting up a goal plan, it helped me in ways I cannot begin to describe. My life is so much less convoluted now that I have a clear plan on where I want to be and what I want to do in my life. It was absolutely invaluable to me!  All three courses were hands-down the BEST investment of time and money I’ve ever gifted myself. Thank you!!”

Heidi Bailey



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