Today we face challenges that many people have never faced before.

• How do we move forward with fewer resources?
• Where do we turn when we are overwhelmed?
• How do we handle the demand for more time?
• What do we do when we lack needed skills?

Personal, local and global issues facing all of us affect our day-to-day lives. Looking for answers to these challenges can seem overwhelming or be a powerful learning experience.

What if you could learn how to take charge of the change, manage money more effectively and communicate to create relationships that are based on trust and authenticity? What if you could reduce the stress of managing time while fulfilling your current obligations? Most of all, what if you could learn how to make choices that support your values, your purpose and what you want in your future?


Living Life as Source

Click image to download Manifest Vision Living Abundantly document.

Manifest Vision Living Abundantly
A powerful learning experience in understanding how the choices we make can create an abundant life. Getting clear on our vision and learning to take a stand for what we want will create an abundant life in many ways. Believing, choosing and creating allow for resourceful contributions to us and others.

Purposeful Living
Discover the purpose of your life and how to live each day living on purpose and filled with excitement and energy. You will identify your unique qualities and your passion, and discover how to best create alignment with your personal purpose in life.

Values-Based Living
Gain clarity around your personal value frame — those guiding principles that have you live with integrity, while setting boundaries and supporting all of your personal relationships.