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BE the Source of Creating Intentional Relationships
Coaching Women to New Levels of Trust and Intimacy

From the moment we are born, connection with others is a natural instinct we all share. As we travel life’s path, we face many challenges in creating trusting and intimate relationships with ourselves, family, friends and business associates. Trends over the last 20 year have pushed women to a breaking point when faced with family and work related stress.  Many women have still not crossed the generational gap of being Mom and Mogul successfully.

Source Point Training’s Relationship Coaches have spent years coaching and supporting women to create the relationships they want by discovering who they need to BE in order to have what they want. This powerful program is created for women who are committed to having the best relationships in all areas of their lives – including the most important one – with themselves.

In this 12 week Relationship Coaching experience, you will discover how to make changes in your life to support the 3 elements of all healthy relationships; Trust, Commitment and Communication. You’ll gain deeper awareness and understanding of yourself and all of your relationships by taking a personal inventory of them with your Relationship Coach. You will set goals and take action each week to create the relationships you want and cleanup any relationships that may be in breakdown.

You will come together at our training location and meet your coach and many other women committed to the same goal of reaching new levels of trust and intimacy. This will be an exciting 2-days of discovery; experiencing new ways to be in relationship.

Each week you and your group will meet with your Certified Relationship Coach who will guide you on learning new ways to communicate with others, understand your commitment to your relationships and ways to build trust with yourself and others.

Meet Our Certified Relationship Coaches!Portrait of businesswoman near wall

You begin with 2 days of in-depth discovery & learning followed with 10 weeks of personal one on one coaching.  At the end of 12 weeks of Relationship Coaching and change, you will meet again for 2 days to celebrate and acknowledge all that has been accomplished and participate in an exciting celebration event designed to have you experience all of your new found freedom and self-empowerment.


WHEN: Sept. 27-28, 2014 & Jan. 10-11, 2015
WHERE: Phoenix, AZ
HOTEL: Embassy Suites – Tempe, AZ
4400 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85282 (480) 897-7444
TUITION: $2,495 total which includes all coaching and the Client Relationship Workbook. $500 deposit due upon registration.

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BE the Source of Creating Intentional Relationships Only
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Six Points of Powerful Group Facilitation
A virtual workshop to download and experience on YOUR schedule!

Group Coaching and facilitation is a great way to build your coaching business and to offer additional learning that comes from the mix of participants in the group setting. But there are key ingredients required to create the experience and outcomes that you and the clients will want.

Six Points of Powerful Group Facilitation

Click image to download Six Points of Powerful Group Facilitation document.

Group facilitation calls forth a deeper level of coaching competencies, skills and techniques. Whatever your coaching experience or training, there are core facilitation fundamentals that create a richer and deeper connection, experience and commitment to action for your clients.

That’s why we’ve created, The Six Points, a rock-solid, powerful and easily accessible webinar series designed to catapult your group facilitation and coaching skills.

Six Points of Powerful Group Faciliation Webinar Series
Download for Your Convenience and Ongoing Reference Tool
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Limited time offer: Only $49!

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Leading With Purpose and Vision
Living your life each day with as sense of Purpose means that you experience excitement, a deep sense of fulfillment and clarity about why you are doing what you do. Imagine at the end of each day you could say to yourself – “I really made a Difference!” When you have a sense of Purpose with a clear Vision of where you are headed…. each day can be an adventure of endless possibilities. Source Point Training is excited to be offering you this action packed 1-day workshop to discover exactly what brings you that sense of excitement and how YOU CAN create it. Bring yourself, your friends and family to discover together what a life of Purpose and Vision can create!

The Benefits of Attending:
• Learn how to enroll people around you to live each day with more excitement and less stress
• Understand the unique gift that you are and how to live each day making that contribution
• Uncover the purpose for your life
• Understand how your purpose and vision can guide your choices
• Live each day excited about all you create

What you can count on:
• Participating in a high-impact workshop facilitated by a sassy, fun presenter
• Having a new level of excitement about being the captain of your ship
• Meeting and working with people committed to creating more from each day
• Leaving excited and ready to create results in your life aligned with your Purpose and Vision

Leading With Purpose and Vision Workshop Location & Date

Future dates coming soon!