Keynotes: Purposeful Messages of Change
Designed to provoke thinking and create a foundation of change, our keynote presentations challenge set beliefs and attitudes, and move listeners to effective action. Audiences discover and learn how to use information from our keynote speeches in ways that positively impacts their life and the lives of others.

Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier each provide powerful keynotes and presentations for conferences, corporate and association meetings, as well as non-profit and community leadership organizations. They are both known for brilliant and sassy messages, presentations and trainings that stir thinking and move the audience to action.

Barbara Fagan, Speaker

Barbara Fagan, Keynote Speaker

Barbara Fagan is co-founder of Source Point Training. She has worked as a master coach and facilitator within the U.S. and international businesses community for more than twenty years. Prior to co-founding Source Point Training, with Lou Dozier, Barbara was President of Resource Realizations and the Director of The Resource Academy which trained and certified professional coaches. When Barbara Fagan is speaking, training or presenting, the audience is not sitting still. They are on the edge of their seats, taking in every word while simultaneously examining their own life and internally setting new goals. She gets people moving! Through her unique and charming style, she quickly bonds with the audience. As she provides solid content and motivational inspiration, she also tells the truth. Barbara says it like it is. Her audiences have come to expect tangible tools, as well as honesty and authenticity.
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Lou Dozier, Speaker

Lou Dozier, Keynote Speaker

Lou Dozier has more than 25 years of experience as a facilitator and presenter, working with individuals, groups and companies internationally. She is a sought-after speaker for conferences, non-profit and community organizations. Audiences intently listen when Lou Dozier speaks. She quickly connects with her audiences, holding them full of possibilities. Her relentless approach to communication and relationships also incorporates heart and soul, so individuals learn and experience all they can to make the changes they want. Lou believes that when human beings become aware of the attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs that drive their choices, they are open to the possibilities they didn’t previously feel they had. Lou has a powerful commitment to be with people in a challenging way, to assist them in realizing that they matter and that they can achieve their goals and have the life they want.

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STOP! Playing the Blame Game
It’s time to stop pointing the finger at you, others, and the economy! It’s time to claim your power in creating the life you want. Our culture accepts victim-thinking, as if we are powerless over our lives. And now it’s time to change that way of living.

This provocative presentation will look at approaching life from the perspective of accountability and responsibility. You will leave challenging your attitudes, assumptions and beliefs about why you do the things you do. You will learn five simple steps to creating a new and powerful perspective, embracing all of your results.

  • Are you ready for something different in your life?
  • Does it feel like you’re a passenger with an out-of-control driver?
  • Do you want more in your life?

In this lively and inspirational presentation, you’ll get a chance to learn about the barriers that prevent you from getting what you want in life. You’ll hear how circumstances often steer life, instead of intention and choice holding the key. You might even see the humor in how easily you listen to those “back seat drivers” telling you where to go and what to do. In this rejuvenating ride, you’ll leave empowered to get back in the driver’s seat and take-charge of your life with both hands on the wheel!

What’s New in Your Professional Tool Kit?
The time of routine work days and long-term careers are essentially gone. Today, professionals need to have the motivation and skills to invent their own course of action and contribute in new innovative ways. Organizations place great value on this ability and recognize individuals who are self-directed and focused on results.

Coaching is revolutionizing the impact of corporate leaders. Having a coach is like having a personal mentor or guide that helps us see the destination we’re seeking. A coach helps us define our values, set priorities, and get clear on what we want. They don’t point the way, but help us discover our path and purpose. Working with a personal coach has proven to enhance individual goals and accomplishments, both personally and professionally. The end result is more results.

In this keynote, you will hear success stories of professionals who had their own personal coach as a guide, observer and co-creator in developing strategies for success.

Values-Based Living
Navigating through life and work today is more challenging than ever. In an unpredictable world, we need some predictability. We need a sense of direction to guide us through the peaks and valleys in our journey through life. Learning how to navigate is oftentimes the challenge. But when we know our personal values, we can better align with them on a daily basis. We can learn to live each day focused on what brings us true meaning and fulfillment.

In this inspiring keynote, you will learn how to develop your own personal compass and clearly see your personal path to a more fulfilled life.

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