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Make 2022 YOUR Year of Success!



Our 2022 Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery Certification Training will be 100% Virtual this year and will begin on March 10th. This curriculum has a four-star accreditation (highest level) with the Association for Coaching based in London, and the ACSTH accreditation with the International Coach Federation based in the United States. We have delivered this training for almost 20 years all over the world and our staff of Certified Professional Performance Coaches are the best advocates for your success.

This six-month program, with six training modules, has trained coaches who have gone on to become successfully-recognized coaches in many arenas:  business, healthcare, relationship coaching, family coaching, and have become leadership coaches within their organization.  Many have decided to take the training solely for themselves for the personal development that comes along with this type of work.

This course not only focuses on core coaching skills, tools and business development, but also provides an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) as an additional tool in a coach’s repertoire.  We also include an introduction to Emergenetics Style Preference Training which helps create rapport and connection with clients.

Find out if 2022 is the year you will discover the skills and tools to successfully coach others. The year is young and the possibilities are abundant!

Ready to learn more about how coaching skills would support you in your life and/or field of work, or ready to start a new career, complete our Learn More About Becoming a Coach form and we will connect with you to answer your questions and see if coaching is right for you!

If you are already a Source Point Coach, be sure to pass the word about this opportunity to others. 

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