InVision Group, based in Hong Kong and serving 6 different training centers throughout China and Taipei, has a clear vision that they will build great companies by developing great people. Source Point Training has been a committed partner with InVision since 2013 and has provided professional coaching and mentoring guidance to their organizations and to the people that they serve. The demand for professional coaching in China is growing at a rapid rate and through our shared resources we are able to provide Advanced Coaching and Mastery Coaching Certification programs to inspire and empower leaders in organizations to develop the coaching skills that will insure sustained employee development and organizational growth.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our partners and share a powerful vision of expanding the understanding and value of what professionally trained coaches can provide to create more fulfillment and engagement throughout the world between people and organizations.



Del Razo Coaching and Consultancy and Source Point Training work together in partnership to provide coach training and certification programs within Mexico. Del Razao Coaching and Consultancy is committed to providing the highest quality of coaching in the area of leadership and organizational development to the organizations they serve. Through our partnership, we are able to bring our Leadership Source Coaching Program to clients and associates of Del Razo Coaching and Consultancy to assure that they experience coach training programs recognized by both the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching, two of the top three professional coaching associations in the world.

Our shared vision is to create leaders with the skills of coaching to empower the professional growth of their teams and to contribute the highest level of service to the people they serve.

Source Point Training and Del Razo Coaching and Consultancy share the same values in that we believe through coaching, both individuals and organizations grow and are able to achieve the highest level of fulfillment with capabilities to create sustainable change.


Martha Borst Consulting

Personal & Professional Development


Source Point Training is excited to announce the collaboration with Martha Borst, president and founder of Martha Borst Consulting. Barbara Fagan and Martha have been friends and colleagues for almost 10 years and have found this unique opportunity to collaborate; bringing their unique skills and experiences in the world of consulting and coaching together to form the Personal Transformational Trilogy. 

Martha Borst has profoundly contributed to the success of countless thousands of men and women around the globe. As an international corporate consultant and executive coach, she is widely recognized and respected as a powerful influence and masterful leader in effective, peak performance strategies. For more than 40 years, Martha has shared her wisdom, state-of-the-art tools and success strategies with individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, and corporate leaders to effectively achieve aggressive professional goals while reducing stress and maintaining balance in their lives. In companies, she creates cultures of excellence by building alignment, accountability, attitude and achievement.