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Language Creates Your Reality

by Lou Dozier Your Internal Chatter Have you ever paid attention to the conversations you are having in your head? This self-talk can often be referred to as internal dialogue or mind chatter. This is the conversation you have that you are rarely aware of because it is so automatic. Your self-talk gives voice to […]

On the Record

What Does it Mean to Be a Professional? by Barbara Fagan, President & Co-Founder When we started Source Point Training, we were clear that we would be seen as a professional organization. As a coach through the years, I have had many opportunities to work with organizations and individuals on what it means to be […]

Taking Committed Action

by Candy Cole, Leadership Coach One of the many characteristics a leader embraces is that of taking committed action in life! Leaders understand that they are at source, and in creating a desired result take on the attitude of “If it’s to BE, it’s up to ME!” Leaders learn from each result they create and […]

LIVE with Coach LOU!

by Tommy Ruff I love coaching! Nothing ‘jazzes me up’ as much as working with others and assisting them in getting clear about what they want, and then working with them to get into action to have their heart’s desire. Here’s what I’ve learned from my clients: life is lived in the context of relationships. […]

Your Results are Simply Your Results

by Lou Dozier “Your results are simply your results” is certainly much easier said than accepted. Your universal mirror can truly be exciting — if — you are willing to let go of the right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure paradigm as you examine your results. Creating a healthy relationship with your results will allow you to be […]

The Life Examined

by Mary B. Golly What keeps us from living a life we love? Humans love to burrow themselves into what is known as “the comfort zone.” It’s about living the cushy life of routine which — heaven forbid — is disrupted. We fear change. Some of us stay in jobs that stifle us, no longer […]

Coaches Corner

by Penny Herman-Polayes Guest Contributor One of the core elements that support business to run effectively is the accountability level of the members. The same can be true in other groups: families, volunteers, organizations or sports teams. Since accountability is so important, let’s examine what accountability is and look at why so many struggle with […]

What is Intentionality?

We live in the most exciting time in world history. Right now. This is the time when spiritual traditions and scientific findings have stopped opposing one another and have become sister studies. The quantum physicists, the chaos theorists and the biologists of today are the mystics of the twenty-first century, proving the timeless truths those […]

Life is a Metaphor!

by Barbara Fagan For years, people have challenged me to write a book. From my early days of coaching young business professionals, to coaching coaches and to facilitating leaders, there is one piece of consistent feedback that I have always received: “Where did you come up with that metaphor?” It all goes back to when […]

Coaching Boot Camp

by Kelly Mobeck, Director of Leadership Source So what’s all this buzz about Coaching Boot Camp? It’s an exciting and highly interactive session from Source Point Training that allows you to see and experience coaches in action. You leave with a clear plan of action for a challenging goal you are facing. Source Point Training […]