Who We Are
Source Point Training is a revolutionary results-based training company comprised of master-level facilitators and coaches with over 100 combined years of experience

  • Founded in 2009 by Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier, who each have over 25 years experience in coaching, consulting and training, as well as designing and facilitating coach and relationship coach training, leadership training and other personal development programs.
  • Provide the same quality programs many have experienced before from Barbara Fagan, Lou Dozier and other SPT leaders within other venues.
    Passionate trainers assisting individuals and organizations find the source of their knowledge, experience and inner wisdom.
  • SPT facilitators have developed generations of leaders, coaches and facilitators, doing the work of change.

What We Do
Provide experiential and inspirational leadership, coach and facilitator trainings with ICF accreditation, as well as weekend workshops in both personal and business development.

  • Deliver experiential and inspirational learning with practical application, equipping students to manifest desired results.
  • Bridge the gap between the old-school leadership paradigm, and today’s mastery-level architects of change through results-based training.
  • Connect on an individual basis, create relationship, and be authentic, while even having fun.

How We Do It
We engage, educate and empower everyone to lead, coach and facilitate change by challenging historical beliefs, accountably acknowledging results and through partnerships with affiliate organizations.

  • Assist individuals to examine beliefs that no longer serve the future and how we want to live.
  • Take an extremely solid stand for results through serious, rigorous, tenacious and even feisty facilitation.
  • Deliver high-level content and rich information through our trainings, website and social media.
  • Partner through affiliate organizations that are committed to being a source for revolutionary change throughout the world.