The next generation of leaders, coaches and facilitators will be the source of revolutionary change around the world. They will connect the points and mark the transformation between the old-school leadership paradigm, and today’s mastery-level architects of change. These individuals will represent expert competence, landmark knowledge and powerful principles. The educational genesis of these new leaders is Source Point Training.

With over 25 years of masterful distinctions of expertise and knowing, we are passionate about helping individuals and organizations find the source of their knowledge, experience and inner wisdom. Our higher-level and discriminating training equip students to manifest the results they desire. Through our rigorous, tenacious and feisty commitment to making a difference in the world, we take an extremely solid stand for these results. We are champions for their success, and we don’t mess around.

Source Point Training’s strengths are based on our experience in developing generations of coaches, leaders and facilitators. We know what works and give each person 100% of our attention. We connect on an individual basis, create relationship, and are authentic while creating an exciting experience. After all, we are humans empowering humans! We offer a unique educational opportunity that integrates the best of transformational training, inspirational learning and practical application. Source Point Training is facilitating revolutionary change, in a revolutionary way, with revolutionary leaders. We’re taking it to the next level for the next generation.

Source Point Training was founded in 2009 by Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier  with administrative and business development managed by Ginny Carter.