Source Point Training Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

It’s Source Point Training’s

10-Year Anniversary!

And so, it began 10 years ago this month. Lou Dozier and I, along with Kelly Mobeck, Ginny Carter and David Lysenko, launched Source Point Training. There was resistance from some saying launching in the midst of a recession was crazy and encouragement from many.

Lou and I believed our collective experience of bringing transformational trainings in the field of leadership, team building and professional coaching would get us through.

Brad Stauffer, our loyal and dedicated marketing wizard, helped to design the web site and all marketing materials to create a truly amazing brand that has sustained us for 10 years. Lou and my relationship were tested as friends learning to be partners. Ginny and Kelly, the grounded team and objective observers, coached us more than once.

Our Leadership training went from East to West from the Charlotte YMCA to First 5 for Kids in Santa Clara. The Source Point Coaches provided their coaching skills for all of our trainings. And, many new coaches took our Relationship Coach Certification training to advance their coaching skills.

Lou and I went to Mexico City with Diana Navratil and John Strosnider to train and certify professional coaches. In 2013, I began working with InVision Asia to train Leadership Coaching Skills and Certified Professional Performance Coaches in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

So many people along the way contributed and supported our trainings. So many fun memories and learning experiences. I won’t get into some of the late-night cab ride confessions in Tempe AZ. Many of you still out there are working with us and some like Kelly, has her own successful business now.

Thank you all for being a part of Source Point Training’s team and partner! We appreciate you all staying connected and spreading the word about the great personal and professional trainings we do. If you haven’t browsed through the pages of,  make it a point to do so and see some of our new opportunities for learning to have your personal and professional life work.

Take a few minutes for a look back at some of our SPT memories. 

Have an amazing 2020!

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