10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Professional Certified Coach



  1. You are working in an organization that does not have a coaching culture.You can BE THE ONE who brings these unique skills into your environment. People don’t know what they DON’T know about the power of coaching until they experience the benefits. You can lead as a coach by example.2. You are excited when people around you are winning.You have been successful in life for the most part and now feel more inspired to contribute to other’s successes.3. You love to hear new ideas and solve problems.As a coach, you will be a creative thinker and partner with clients.

    4. You are naturally intuitive and curious about why people do what they do.

    As a coach, you will ask curious questions rather than coming up with your own ideas on how to solve client’s problems.

    5. You have keenly developed observation skills.

    You enjoy watching people’s behaviors and learning to understand why they do what they do – you find this fascinating.

    6. You are patient and compassionate with people when they face challenges.

    You tend to easily see the other person’s point of view and listen to people patiently share their perspective.

    7. You like to think “outside the box” when it comes to solving problems.

    When working with people, you find yourself coming up with creative solutions and tend to try new things that haven’t been done before.

    8. You are someone whom people describe as honest with high integrity.

    You believe that being trustworthy is the key to all good relationships. You tend to keep your promises and people know they can count on you.

    9. You see problems as opportunities.

    When faced with difficult situations, you spend less time in reaction and more time being proactive. You’d rather put your energy to solutions than negativity.

    10. You are excited to be involved with change and new ideas.

    If there is a new project, you are typically the one who will sign up for it. You get bored if you spend too much time following the same system over and over again.



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Arenas for Coaching Today & Why 

  • Millennials Rising Up in Work – Developing effective leadership, peer coaching, creating relevance and achieving results
  • Baby Boomers Planning Last Act – Leaving a legacy and designing their next chapter
  • Authentic Relationships at Work and Home – Technology reduces opportunity for high touch human connections. Coaches provide the window to create trust in all relationships – even with ourselves.
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety – Uncertainty and complexity can occur where work, life and home-life intermix. Coaches are objective observers listening to the underlying fears that stop people in moving forward with confidence.
  • Health, Wellness and Quality of Life – At any age mindfulness and awareness of what is happening in our bodies is critical. Coaching supports people to develop healthy thriving lifestyles at any age.

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