The Buzz About Coaching

The Buzz About Coaching

With all the buzz about coaching, more and more people are beginning to consider what it might mean for them to get a coach and also, to consider how to increase their performance and skills at work by learning how to coach others.

That is why each year we begin our Coaching Fundamental Curriculum with the student coach learning all about themselves first.

How do they see the world? How do they create judgments, likes/dislikes about others? What are their fundamental beliefs?

When we attempt to coach people with our own filters, we will not be able to really explore their perspectives. This is perhaps the hardest part of learning to be neutral as a coach. For new coaches, it is also one of the most powerful parts of learning to be a coach for others.

At Source Point Training, we refer to this as the “ground of being”. We teach our coaches that to be with others, it is important to understand your own filters so you can focus on the client and be fully present.

Another key principle in being a Professional Performance Coach is to understand you will be coaching ontologically – meaning, whatever area you are coaching the client on will also impact all areas of their life. For example, if I am coaching a client on managing time at work and prioritizing better, then he will begin to see how improvements in this area will increase how he manages time in all other areas of his life and the impact will be even greater.

Here are the top reasons why people seek coaching:

  • 48 % To develop higher potential at work or to be ready to transition to new levels in organizations
  • 26%    To have someone to work with as a trusted sounding board. Unlike a therapist   – to look towards the future and explore options and strategies for their life.
  • 12%    To address behavior issues that have them off track, i.e. to improve communication skills, improve relationships and more effective use of resources such as finances and time.
  • 14%    Misc. –   This could be health and wellness, completing goals that have yet to be accomplished, or addressing an immediate issue.

We are taking applications now for participants in this year’s Coaching Fundamentals. If you would like to schedule an interview with me, Barbara Fagan, or one of our faculty to explore how developing the skills of coaching can support you, please call my office at 707-431-1122 or email me at [email protected]




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