The Perfect Retreat for Strategic Planning, Team Building



This time every year leaders and their teams begin to think about the year ahead. The 4th quarter goes by very fast with all the holidays and end of year activities, so now is the perfect time to book a retreat for your team.

Red Barn Gardens, nestled in the heart of the California Wine Country, has been the perfect place for teams and team leaders from all over the Bay Area to come to create their strategic plans and align as a team on where they are headed in the year ahead.

Located just 1-½ hours from San Francisco,this beautiful 100 year-old+ property creates the serenity and space for thinking, experiencing  and collaborating fresh ideas and developing extraordinary strategic plans.



Here, you will have the opportunity to self-facilitate your business retreat as a group or use our Professional Coaches available to you and your group.

Coaching businesses has been the focus of Barbara Fagan, owner of Source Point Training, for over 25 years. She is now opening her private estate for organizations to use this beautiful space for strategic planning, team building, and leadership development.

Full use of the property is available and you can custom design your event around any of the following options:

        • Catered meals
        • Private Wine Tasting,
        • Ropes Course, Team building exercises
        • Lodging accommodations
        • Biking and hiking


As part of your retreat, you can book any of the following training/workshop topics:

  • Power of Purpose
  • Values Center leadership
  • Coaching tools for Leaders
  • Understanding and working with different behavior styles              

Lock in the dates for your next business retreat or planning session today and let us guide you as you experience the relaxation and beauty of this property.


Contact Barbara Fagan at 707-431-1122 or  email [email protected]



For more information and pictures, visit  Red Barn Gardens 

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