Coaching Fundamentals Coming This Fall!

Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery Coming to Northern California This Fall!

As many of you know, we have delivered our Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery Level certification coach training in Tempe for eight years.

This October, we WILL begin our 15th year of delivering this curriculum, which provides 250 hours of coach training, scheduled over nine months, with five classroom modules. We are proud this curriculum is recognized by International Coach Federation (ICF) with the ACTH rating and by the Association of Coaching, based in London, as one of the top tier 4-star rating of coaching schools around the world. In the last 15 years, Barbara Fagan, Master Coach, has trained over 1,000 International Certified Professional Performance Coaches in the U.S., Mexico, Hong Kong, China, and Taipei.

More and more organizations around the world are training and developing internal professional coaches to support their employees. It’s a perk for internal employees to have a coaching resource to assist them in creating higher and higher professional results and develop their career path.

According to recent ICF research, 80% of organizations using external coaches today plan to increase their use of coaching due to the benefits of coaching applied within an organization. The following charts from a recent ICF survey show just a few of the benefits within an organization.


In talking with many people interested in our certified coach training, we heard that due to the cost of travel, time off work and retaining a steady job, it posed challenges in making the commitment to this course of study. There is a large group of people in the Bay Area interested in Source Point Training Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery Level Certification.

As coaches, we value the presupposition of requisite variety, therefore, we are announcing the start of our Coaching Fundamentals and Mastery in North Bay Area starting in October. This will be a small class with no more than 15 participants and will be set up in a retreat like setting so participants can enjoy the quiet and beauty of the north bay yet, still be close for commuting purposes.

That means it is not too late to jump into our internationally recognized coaching program. In nine months, you will fulfill all the educational requirements to become a recognized international coach and graduate with your accreditation from both the Association of Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

What better way to step into the professional arena than with Master Coaches with years of experience who are committed to creating the next generation of coaches for the 21st century?

Sourcepoint Leadership Team takes hold of the reins for Russian River Beautification

Pictured: Jarrod Holmes, Kyle Evans, Kat Baird, and Jennifer Lucas, are part of the 20-person Sourcepoint Leadership team who spent 10 weeks planning the project.

Sourcepoint Leadership Team takes hold of the reins for Russian River Beautification

Lots of fun along with gratifying work will be happening Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 10 a.m to noon, when a Healdsburg Sourcepoint Leadership team hosts a Russian River clean-up, followed by a celebratory party for all volunteers as part of their community service project.

“I felt a real need to do something about the river,” said Healdsburg local Eric Wagner, the brain-child behind the project and part of the 20-person Leadership team heading the project. Having grown up on the river, the project is particularly close to his heart. “Through this whole process, it finally feels like (our leadership team) is hitting a stride – getting it going with everybody in the community on board,” said Wagner of the project.

Having Don McEnhill, Executive Director for Russian Riverkeeper as a client in his barbershop made a nice connection for Wagner. “He’s been a client for 17 years…he was absolutely stoked” when Wagner approached him with his idea. The Russian River Beautification project, in partnership with Russian Riverkeeper and Clean River Alliance, will be working to remove trash from the Watershed before it hits the river, causes pollution and is ultimately, carried out to the ocean.

The Sourcepoint team is also selling tickets for prizes in a raffle to raise necessary funds for trash disposal costs, which totaled $20,000 in 2018. The public is invited to volunteer in the clean-up, which will offer support, camaraderie and all the tools needed to be an empowered steward of the river and its clean-up.

At the end of clean-up, a barbecue celebration for all volunteers will take place, where raffle winners will be announced. Ticket holders need not be present to win. For more information on participating in the clean-up and purchasing tickets for the raffle, visit:

For more information on Sourcepoint Leadership, visit