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Fundamentals & Mastery of Performance Coaching 

Awarded AADCT!

We are honored to announce that our Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching program has been awarded by the Association for Coaching their top-tier Level 4/4.

Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT).  The Association for Coaching is one of the top 3 accreditation organizations for professional coaching in the world.  There are only 16 coach training providers in the world which have reached the AADCT criteria and we are honored to be one of them.

The curriculum has been designed by our founder, Barbra Fagan, and delivered for over 12 years in 4 countries with a proven record of developing the highest caliber of Certified Professional Performance Coaches.  This curriculum is a rigorous coach training program which includes five modules in nine months.

Here are some of the comments from the Independent Assessors of the Association for Coaching Accreditation Team:

  • Provides an experiential learning approach to coaching consisting of both the theoretical study and practical application.
  • Incorporates a variety of coaching approaches and models.
  • Provides personal assessment process to ensure participant’s fitness to practice.
  • Includes a variety of self-study activities to support and further develop the knowledge and skills of new professional coaches.
  • Gives participants detailed marketing guidance for developing a successful coaching practice during the program.
  • Ensures that participants are given feedback, 1:1 supervision and are encouraged to complete personal reflective work to build self-awareness as a coach.
  • Incorporates a continuous evaluation and improvement process throughout the 9 month program.
    Source Point Training is honored to be recognized by the Association for Coaching.

With warmest gratitude,

Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training



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