Live A Happy Life!

When making life decisions, first ask yourself the qestion “Does this bring me joy and fulfillment?”  Many times in life, we make choices based on what we “have to do,” and the reality is that all choices are ones we get to make.

valuesAs many young people begin college this year, they are faced with the challenging question “What do you want to major in?”  For most, this is a question that they find themselves unprepared for.  That is why so many young adults leave college still looking for what they want to do, thinking that getting a job is what is really important.

As John Wooden stated in this famous quote – “making a living should not prevent you from making a life.”  The more you learn about yourself, your values and what makes you happy, the easier it is to find your place in the world and where you can make the greatest contribution.

Every one of us at the end of the day wants the feeling of knowing we made a difference.  Understanding your values and making choices that support these values is the key.  It never works to play someone else’s game – you must play your own game and work to become a master at it.  In this way, you will be challenged each day and the wins will be greater and perhaps the loses will feel harder, but win, loose or draw, there will always be key lessons that you can use to make your next play.V lady

Many times in the past years, I have heard people say “You are so lucky to have the life you have.”  Luck really has nothing to do with it.  We make choices and we face consequences, some good and some not so good. The best barometer of having a fulfilling life is to be honest with yourself and to live authentically in what truly makes you happy.

Take time this week noticing what is really making you happy.  Pay attention to where you are spending time and what matters most to you.  Then find ways to do more of it.  Stop living each day waiting to have the life you want – start living that life today.  If you do, then you will become one of the “lucky ones” – a person who lives their values and shows up authentically being who they were meant to be.

Here’s to a happy life!!!!

And if you would like to learn about opportunities for Leadership Development trainings or our Living Life workshops, contact Ginny Carter at 707-750-3318.

Our best to you, Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training


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