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ObamacareIn the last 10 years, health care professionals using coaching skills to bring creative ways for patients to take ownership AND action towards life long health and wellness, have reduced personal health care costs and costs for employers due to the reduction of time off work.

Some of the recent trends in healthcare coaching were brought on by the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that incented healthcare professionals to include health and wellness programs as part of their practice and to be able to demonstrate its effects and efficacy with patients.

Most health savings accounts now cover health or wellness coaching, and insurance companies are offering discounts on premiums for companies and organizations that include health coaching in their wellness programs.

Let’s face it, most people go to a doctor when there is something “wrong” with their health.  Traditional doctors diagnosis and prescribe. Many times writing a prescription that the patient truly does not understand; nor do they take time to study and review its use and possible side effects.healthcoach

Recently, I had an opportunity to visit a doctor in Hong Kong due to experiencing numbness in my right hand.  I spent 4 hours being treated and got relief; but less than 10 minutes of that time was with the doctor and staff discussing what caused this or what I could do to prevent this from occurring in the future.  I have had similar experiences with my own physicians in the U.S.  If patients are to take more responsibility for their health, and practitioners are now responsible for demonstrating how they are reducing health care costs for patients, then the value for developing coaching skills is essential.  All medical practitioners can make a great impact on patient costs and in reducing health risks associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, weight, autoimmune diseases, addiction and cardiac care with these coaching skills.

healthylunchSource Point Training has had the opportunity to work with the University of Southern Florida College of Medicine’s Masters Certification Program A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and with leaders of hospitals such as Sharp Hospital in San Diego, California, to train professionals on using coaching skills and tools in working with their patients.

Healthcare organizations who see the value of coaching, are looking for ways to facilitate partnership with patient and medical providers.  Today’s medical system is very complex, consisting not only of medical providers, but insurance, government, pharmaceuticals to name a few.  However, based on most organizations who have adopted coaching as part of their patient care, here’s what can be expected:

  • Develop health professional coaching knowledge and skills
  • Establish a coaching culture within the health care provider’s environment
  • Empower patient involvement in their own care, wellness and recovery
  • Reduce cost of medical services with higher ROI for services provided
  • Increase patient satisfaction levels that are now being measured through the Affordable Care Act.

To learn more about providing coaching skills and technology in the medical field, contact us at 800-217-5660.

Our best to you, Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training


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