Are You Drifting or Designing?

summerSummer is in full swing!  For many, this is a slower, more relaxed/casual time of the year. Between children being on summer break from school, families taking vacations or spending weekends at the community pool or beach, we seem to find more time to kick back and relax.

What’s great is – it is also a good time – mid-year – to reflect on what you’ve accomplished thus far in 2016.  For many, it can be so easy getting caught up in the day-to-day hustle and busy-ness that our fast-paced, technology-driven world encourages us to do.  We go on auto-pilot and in survival mode.  We get into our “drift” – “it’s just the way it is,” “we are all in the same boat,” “I must multi-task to keep my head above water,” “If my boss would only . . .,” etc.  How creative, innovative or proactive can we be in this mindset?

Here’s a great article from a colleague of ours, Terrie Lupberger, MCC, Life . . . By Drift or Design, recently published online with the Library of Professional Coaching.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Whether leading others or leading your own life, it seems to me there are two primary paths you can take.  You either spend most of your time reactive to circumstances, acting mostly out of habit and at the effect of what others want of you (the drift) OR you are conscious and purposeful in designing how you spend your time, and with whom, as a reflection of what matters most to you.”

Barb CoachAs coaches, we get to be observant of our clients and assist them in seeing when they are in their drift.  As we coach them and open greater self-awareness, they become resourceful and confident in being conscious and purposeful in “designing” the life they want.process

When we are in our drift, we don’t even realize it and we don’t see what’s right in front of us. The partnership between coach and client affords the coach the permission to illuminate this for the client and coach them around, over and through the obstacles of being in the drift. Recently, our coaching students got to “experience” coaching fellow students through the drift at the last training weekend in Phoenix.

We encourage you to spend some time this weekend consciously and purposefully DESIGNING the life you want!

Our best to you, Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training