That which is not acted upon is not learned!

Likely you’ve heard the phrase – being a lifelong learner.  As we all know, life is a great provider of the lessons most meant for each of us.  Life also has this funny way of continually giving us more and more learning opportunities until we finally understand the lesson.

So, now with another year completed and the new one only a few days underway, I want to share with you a similar phrase that we frequently reference in our trainings:

That which is not acted upon is not learned!


The acquisition of a skill, whether improved communication, coaching, knitting, growing a business, etc., requires much more than knowledge alone.  Consider the example of learning to play the violin:

  • If you are given 100 hours to read on how to play the violin, you may be able to pass tests, but would not be a successful violinist.violin
  • If you were then to watch videos of people playing the violin for 100 hours, there would still be little to no change in your ability to successfully play the violin.
  • If, however, you were given a violin and a chance to practice, review recorded sessions of yourself playing, analyze specific areas that needed more of your attention, request feedback from others and continue to practice, you would become a highly successful violinist!

The same applies to all our learning.  As we move through these early days of 2016, I challenge you to reflect back on 2015. Looking back from the view of “hindsight is 20/20”.  What do you want to be different for yourself, your family, your career, your community, our world, in 2016?

  • What “lessons” do you see that still await your learning?
  • What “action/practice” will you take on to bring this to fruition this year?  action300

Working with a coach can be a great resource in our learning process.  A coach listens neutrally, challenges your beliefs that may have held you back last year, supports you in creating a plan, and  plays a big part in your accountability towards realizing your 2016 intentions!

With warmest gratitude,
Barbara and everyone at Source Point Training


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