The Leadership Advantage – Managers as Coaches in High Tech Environments



Coach Training for Professionals in Fast-Paced, High-Tech Environments!

Many industries today lack a sufficient supply of leaders prepared to lead in fast changing, technical environments according to the recent Global Leadership Forecast 2014/2015 Report.

The report goes on to recommend organizations provide acceleration programs for leaders in their leadership pipeline and provide coaching, mentorship and networking opportunities to develop up a leadership pool within their organizations.  At Source Point Training, we see many individuals choosing to gain these skills through our Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching certification training as they look to move up into leadership roles within their organizations.  Knowing how to communicate in a way that people respond, the ability to enroll others in a project so they see their role clearly – these are the skills of coaching. Effective communication, accountability, empathy, teamwork, leading with purpose and vision, and seeing beyond the technology are critical competencies for those looking to advance in high-tech environments.

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invest300Professional Coach Training is one of the best strategic investments you can make.  Companies like Google, Intel, and NASA realize that the new generation of talent is looking for guidance and the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to new ways of doing business.  Managers as coaches learn to empower their teams to take more responsibility and build greater confidence.

Source Point Training offers an ICF approved curriculum that has been delivered over the last 12 years in the US, Mexico and Asia that assures you will develop the coaching skills to empower your teams to create winning results.point200

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5 Key Coaching Skills for IT Professionals

With Big Data growing at the rate of 800% over next 5 years and the exiting of Boomers in business to Millennials, there is an increased need for IT managers to coach teams to deal with a rapidly changing technology landscape and to implement strategies that will exceed customer expectations.

ComputersIT professionals are faced with increased demand for rapid responses – zero defects and cost containment.  They must know how to enroll customers and users, who unlike themselves, do not understand the technology they are using.  They must enroll IT teams in dealing with major IT change initiatives and develop ways to coordinate major projects that have many interdependencies and requires collaboration and coordination.

Source Point Training has provided coach training for professionals for over 12 years. We understand that in today’s environment, coaching is a skill that can accelerate the professional growth and development and career enhancement that leads to success.


5 Coaching Skills to Assist You in Moving Your IT Projects and Teams Forward

  1. The Art of Enrollment – Know how to enroll your team in a way that they understand the value of a project or its changes to create alignment.  Many IT professionals would be happy if they did not need to talk to users or customers.  Coaching your team to enroll others will make their job a lot easier.  Enrollment means being able to connect and relate to others then align on what is needed and inquire to really understand what others want. Lastly, to be able to confidently share how they will support the users or customers expectations and what action will be taken.ITmeeting
  2. Speak so People Will Listen – Learn to listen and speak the language of your customers and users and they will be more interested in hearing what you have to say.  Many people really do not know how to listen  – they wait to talk or share their point of view.  When we listen deeply, then we can respond to others in a way that builds trust and better working relationships.  Coaching team members these valuable listening skills will greatly reduce the emotional stress that is tied to many IT issues.
  3. Practice Style Flexing – There are many different personality styles, cultures and generations working together in today’s IT environment.  Take time to invest in learning different styles and coach teams to practice flexing their style to meet and match that of another.  When we can relate through our preferred preference of communicating and thinking, productivity will improve because of better understanding and relationship.
  4. Welcome Conflict – Coach IT teams to be willing to have a difficult conversation in order to clear up conflicts. When people are coached to deal with conflict effectively, then there is less conflict.  Dealing with conflict means they must be willing to put aside their “story” of a situation and be willing to see another perspective. Teams must be coached to look at ways to reconcile and reach alignment and be open to seeing new options and perspectives.
  5. Look Accountably at All Results – IT professionals deal in data and seldom see grey areas.  Coaching teams to look at all results from a place of neutrality will assist them in discovering more choices and options in order to prevent problems in the future.  This requires the time to sit down and take a look before moving forward.  IT jobs have a great demand on time and resources.  However, by coaching your team to take this time to stop and look at what worked and what did not work on a project, they will be better equipped in the future.

Source Point Training’s Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching is a proven coach-training curriculum approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) that covers these coaching skills and so many more.  Learn to lead and coach your team to new levels and to experience more success personally by coaching others to win.

Contact us today at 800-217-5660 ext. 101 to learn more and join us for our upcoming webinar for IT professionals – details below.  Our next sessions begins October 16-18 in Phoenix, AZ.  Class is limited to 12 to provide for a high level of support and mentorship throughout the process from both myself and our faculty team.

Warmest wishes, Barbara

Join us for this Live Webinar Event with Master Coach Barbara Fagan to learn how the skills of coaching will set you apart from other IT leaders and make your job easier and more fulfilling each day.

Wednesday, August 5 @ 6:00pm Pacific

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