Spring Training Starts Now!

BBallAs Spring opens its door to us – well maybe on the East Coast of the US just a crack – we begin to become more energetic; and looking at the months ahead, we begin to examine what is on our list of things to do.  It is the start of the baseball season, planning family vacations and those wonderful “honey-do” lists and projects.

For graduating college students, this is the time to prepare for the all-important “career” interview.  Colleges all over the US will be graduating what will become the next generation’s workforce.  Last year showed 7% increase in college hires and this year an even greater increase projected of almost 20% growth in college hires according to a recent survey conducted by Michigan State University.  What is driving this growth?  Explosive growth in telecommunication companies, motion picture and entertainment companies, financial and insurance companies and consulting services are the sectors of business providing double-digit growth for hiring college graduates.

Even with this demand, there are still things that all job seekers must do in order to secure that job.  Parents, family members and new college graduates – here are the best tips identified for achieving success in your job search and working with recruiters to land that job.

BpeopleToday’s millennials thrive in a less structured, informal work environment but that does not mean anything goes.  Lee Caraher CEO and owner of Double Forte, a leading communications firm based in San Francisco, recently wrote in her best-selling book, Millennials and Management – The Essential Guide to Making It Work at Work, “Business casual means that jeans are welcome as long as they are clean and cover your privates and they don’t have holes, frays or are cut/ hang so low that your tattoos or underwear shows.” That’s telling it like it is!

I had an opportunity to coach Lee when she was in her 20’s and a young account executive at a successful marketing communications firm.  Today, she is taking the lead by coaching her team of millennials to success.

Other best practices advice from Lee and others who are adept in working with the millennials include:

Work on your resume and cover letter – no typos or grammar errors.  Take advantage of Career Centers.

Your interview starts the moment you enter the door – even if you are waiting in a conference room for 60 minutes.Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. =

Don’t bring coffee cups or water bottles or gum to your interview.
Research the company you will be interviewing with and learn about their culture. What has them be successful?

Get clear about your purpose for interviewing with this company and what do you want to know.

Have reasonable expectations when it comes to salary.  Find out what other grads are making in your business sector.  Be willing to pay your dues. While you have a college degree, experience is key.

Speak clearly and enunciate.  Use complete sentences.  Don’t end every
sentence with a question mark.Bthankyou

Turn off your cell phone.

Follow up with a Thank you – ALWAYS!

There are many opportunities out there, but there will always be standards in an organization for the type of employee they will select to represent their company and become a part of their team.

Warmest wishes, Barbara