Emergenetics – personal development tool

emergeneticsLogoEmergenetics®  is a new personal development instrument that focuses on each individual’s “thinking preferences” and “behavioral preferences”.  We at Source Point Training have chosen to include the Emergenetics® tool throughout our training programs because it stands out from other instruments on the market today by looking at a person’s genetic predisposition coupled with the emergence of life experiences.  Emergenetics® measures against the population-at-large which makes it statistically more viable than the average psychometric instrument that simply measures and then quantifies an individual’s responses against a theoretical right or wrong answer.

Source Point Training is now able to offer individuals the opportunity to take the Emergenetics® Questionnaire and receive their personal Emergenetics® Profile and Narrative Report.  If you are interested, simply email your request for an Emergenetics® Profile to [email protected].  The cost is $350 and includes a 1-hr debrief call to review your unique Profile results.


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