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 We get questions all the time:

Why am I hearing so much more about coaching these days?

Does coaching work and are the results sustainable?

How can I incorporate coaching into my current job/career path?

Can I really make money coaching?

Business coaching is the 2nd fastest growing profession following technology professions.  With over 80,000 coaches in the US alone, it has become a $2 Billion industry.  A large contributor to this rise is the increase in businesses investing in performance coaching, either through the addition of in-house coaches or through outsourced services of private coaches.  Join us tonight to gain the answers to the questions above and to learn more about this exciting career opportunity!  

Are you already a certified coach?  GREAT!  Pass this email on to friends or colleagues who might be looking to become a coach or game the ICF Approved CCEs needed for ICF Membership and Credentialing. 

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TONIGHT @ 6:00pm Pacific
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