Now More Than Ever!

As someone who has been coaching for more than 20 years, I must admit how proud I am to be a coach now – at a time when individuals and organizations are realizing the value of professional coaches.

valueofcoachingIt seems like every month, there’s a new survey report on the value, impact and growth of coaching – finally giving coaches hard evidence of what we’ve always known – coaching gets results!

As the global leader in setting the standards of coaching, the ICF has been sharing their survey results for a few years now.  And they have worked diligently at raising the bar on the profession.  With their impactful marketing campaigns, consumers – whether individuals or organizations – are now actively seeking coaches and they are being well educated in the importance of engaging with a coach how istalking certified through an ICF approved training organization.  This assures the client that the coach is equipped with the Core Competencies of coaching.

I am proud to have been certifying Professional Performance Coaches for over 12 years now through our ICF approved coach training program.  Source Point Training continues to offer coaching skills training for organizations who see the value of their leaders having core coaching skills.  We are recognized by the ICF with additional CCE approvals on all of our programs.

If you are ready to take your first step towards being a coach – independently or within your organization – be sure to join us for our next webinar presentation:



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If your organization is interested in learning how you can integrate a coaching culture as a means of developing up leaders within your organization, contact us to learn how we can assist you and share how we are doing this for other organizations who are committed to empowering their employees to be top performance, independent and creative thinkers, and promotion ready leaders!

Turning vision into reality,

Barbara Fagan

CEO/Co-Founder, Source Point Training



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