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BE the Source of Creating Intentional Relationships

September 27-28, 2014    

Women Coaching Women to

New Levels of Trust and Intimacy

 Ladies, we are in a unique time in history.  A time of transformation; transitioning, defining and questioning our relationship with ourselves as females in the 21st Century, with our families, loved ones, professionals and intimate partners. 

As we work, love, parent and live day to day, where can we find the heart, the source of relatedness and center that we all yearn for?  Many of us find ourselves constantly doing more and being more to achieve more and this cycle can be challenging and lonely. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself and restore yourself to what really matters to you in your life and your relationships, this 12 weeks of women coaching women to create intentional relationships is for you! This is a powerful opportunity to explore what it means to live your life consistently relating to the world around you from a place of authenticity, freedom, power and joy. 

Join Us For a Powerful 

Live Interactive Webinar Event 


Wednesday, July 9th @ 6:00pm Pacific

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Join us and meet the powerful coaches who will take you on this 12-week journey to discover:

The three powerful pillars of all healthy relationships; trust, commitment and communication
– The heart of communication and making an impact through language 
– How to create trusting and authentic relationships in every area of your life
– How your belief systems impact your behaviors – both conscious and unconscious  
– The areas of relationships that are working and not working in your life
– Most importantly, how to generate a loving and powerful relationship with yourself  


Attend an exciting 2-day weekend of discovery – September 27-28, 2014 – experiencing new ways to be in relationship with other women committed to the same goal of reaching new levels of trust and intimacy.

12 Weekly meetings with your Certified Relationship Coach who will guide you on new ways to communicate, understand your commitment to your relationships, and ways to build trust with yourself and others.

Attend a second 2-day weekend – January 10-11, 2015 – to celebrate and acknowledge ALL of your accomplishments and participate in an exciting event designed to have you experience your new found freedom and self-empowerment.

This is a “do not miss” opportunity for YOU!  Don’t hesitate to register – space is limited and we will sell out quickly!  Call Katie Macks, Facilitator and Certified Relationship Coach, at 510-847-9757 if you wish to learn more before the webinar event.  You can also email at [email protected].  

Turning vision into reality, 

Barbara Fagan, CEO/Co-Founder 

Source Point Training


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