Valentine’s Day – Being In Relationship

ValentineLike Christmas for most of us, Valentine’s Day has great expectations. Not only a retail opportunity, it also is cause for some anxiety to do it “right”.  Of course the world puts most of the pressure on the men – so they MUST get it right.  What can I do to express my affection for my significant relationship?

Growing up in my generation it was all about the romance. Today, I am not saying that romance is dead, but with technology there are some new ways to say you care.  This morning while in Taipei, I received a WhatsAp message from my business partner wishing me a Happy Valentine’s day.  That was really great.  Someone letting me know that they cared about me – even though not romantic. What is important is to take time to pause, express appreciation and gratitude for the relationships we have and spend time with those we love.

We can find so many ways to communicate our affection and caring, yet for many people we are tied to doing it right and evaluating how it will be received.  Sharing how you feel about people whether a working relationship where you express appreciation or a romantic relationship, it must be authentic. So whatever is authentic for you, just go for it?  No one wants to read a Valentine card that does not sound like something you would say.

Ways to say you care:

Spend time with those you love
Express caring in deeds and words
Give thanks and appreciation to others each day
Listen deeply – be fully present – don’t multi-task when someone is sharing how they feel
Let people know you hear them – respond and share your thoughts
Laugh and have fun together
Feel connected doing simple daily tasks
Turn off all media and be quiet together
Hold each other and cuddle – does not need to be about sex
Prepare a special meal together

What I do know is that Mother Nature has given many people time to be together on  the East Coast, Mid West and South East  – so make the most of it and get close and enjoy being together!!!

Happy Valentines Day !!

Warmest wishes, Barbara


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