Earthquake in VA – Are You Ready to Shake Up YOUR Life?

Barbara Fagan and I returned from spending 8 days with FIRST 5 Santa Clara County presenting a pilot program called “Family Connections.”  This was possible due to Jolene Smith’s vision as a Certified Professional Performance Coach and their Learning Together Initiative’s commitment to training and development.  We had the privilege of being with Supervisors and Community Workers in charge of Family Resource Centers in Santa Clara County, CA.  They are committed to insuring the developmental needs of children through age 5 by providing the families with skills and resources to create a strong framework supporting the development and well-being of the children while contributing to the community.  The majority of their clients are immigrants and the purpose of those participating in our training is to empower their families.

Our purpose was to assist this group with focusing, not only on the survival needs of these families, but on babythe possibilities that are available when they are coached to purpose, values, accountability, etc.  At first, they looked at us as if we had two heads.  By the end of the training they were excited to coach these principles in action.  Our strongest message was that people will show up the way that we hold them.  While facing challenges, they can realize they are capable and have resources.

From a personal perspective, being a naturalized citizen myself (we immigrated to the United States in Dec 1953, when I was 5 years old), it was such an extraordinary experience to BE with this group of people who are instrumental in creating the ripple effect.  As a result, they will assist their clients in rising above survival to actually experiencing their potential.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

That’s what coaches do! It is so easy in this economy to see only the negative, be in survival mode ourselves, and wait for something to change.  I think we can all agree that people can prosper in spite of circumstances and perhaps this is YOUR year.  What if you weren’t operating from fear and lack, but could look at this as the time to really take your life on powerfully and create additional income or even a career transition for yourself?  Would YOU BE a great coach?

– Do you love challenging people?
– Does your heart surge when you see someone accomplish something they didn’t think was possible?
– Do you enjoy in-depth communication?
– Can you see possibilities in others that they don’t see in themselves?
– Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Create a better world, one person or group at a time?

LDheadshotThen you belong with us in Source Point Training’s Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching.  If any one of the above questions creates a stir for you, don’t hesitate, don’t wait, call me (435-640-5372) and let’s talk about possibilities for you!  I LOVE being with people regarding their gift of standing for the possibilities and greatness of others.  If not you, then who?  If not now, when?  Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a Certified Professional Performance Coach, how does it feel?  What might be possible for YOU?

by Lou Dozier



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