Sustaining Teams in Times of Transitions

A successful organizational transition requires everyone to lead from their perspective positions, supporting each other and the whole, and to do so with a sense of purpose and vision from which the order and structure are born.

Leadership transitions occur in all organizations.  While times of transition can be exciting and energizing, they often are challenging.  Faced with change, people will:

Work to establish their credibility

Feel like all eyes are on them, with some wishing for success and others pointing out the weaknesses that might forecast failure

Feel tremendous pressure to secure daily wins and have a natural desire to make a unique contribution to the organization

Become focused on all of the “doing” that support the team in transition

In transitions, a new relationship amongst the team must be built. During organizational changes, the needs of a leader and the team members often conflict. Successful transitions require understanding of all of the team’s needs and building communication and trust between them as quickly as possible.

Team interactions need to include the following:

– Clarity on purpose and vision – moving forward

– Having an opportunity for everyone to be heard and recognized for their contribution

– Focusing on the successful strategies and implementation of new directions

– Challenging the way “it’s always been done” – inventing and creating new outcomes

– Understanding and providing the unique support for all team members to be successful

By Kelly Mobeck, Director Leadership Source


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