The Power of a “State” Change!

Lou Dozier, Executive VP and Co-Founder

Many of you have heard me frequently say that New York City is my favorite city in the world!  Last year at this time, the ny President and Executive Vice President of ICF-NYC, Laurie Lawson and Terry Yoffee, graciously invited me to present to their chapter this week on Relationship Coaching: The Greatest Demand for the Next Generation.  Needless to say, I was easily enrolled in spending a week in NYC.

Recently, I have found myself less energetic than my norm.  I haven’t pinpointed exactly the source of my ‘lethargy’ but it has been very real.  As I stepped off the plane in New York, an amazing ‘transformation’ began to take place.

For me, NYC has pulsing energy, excitement, diversity, and freedom and I experienced myself drinking it all in and it flowing through me.  NYC is an ‘anchor’ for me about all that is possible and about living my best life right now.  As you may or may not know, anchors can be powerful in creating a ‘state’ change in someone.  A foundational principle of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is that any action, behavior or emotion can be changed instantly as soon as a person’s “state” can change. 

That is what occurred for me as I got off that plane.  I find that my stride is longer, purposeful, looking straight ahead, shoulders back, I am focused and determined.  My limbs feel leaner and longer.  My breathing is deeper and slower.  My internal dialogue seems to shift to thinking outside of the box, imagining that anything is possible, that of course I have everything it takes to create what I declare!  My spirit soars!  I feel connected to humanity in a sacred way.  I am SUPER WOMAN!

In talking with others, I realize we all have ‘anchors’ that can create this change.  One facilitator I know experiences a complete change of energy when she puts on her ‘business suit’ to step into a training.  For others it might be a favorite song, a lovely smell, or a taste that takes you back to your childhood.

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself to access a state change:

Acknowledge the “state/frame of mind” you are currently in.

What is the “state/frame of mind” you wish to be in?

When did you feel/experience that desired state in your past – think of a very specific time/event that epitomizes the state you desire?

What “anchor” do you associate to that prior experience?  Maybe it was a smell, an object, what you were wearing, etc.

Know that just as you had that desired state in that prior moment, you can, in connecting with your anchor, bring that state to you in any moment.

Being in NYC is a great reminder that I am always in control of my life experience.  I can always create this sense of power and puropse when I put myself in a “NY state of mind.

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