Transition Trends in Developing Leaders

It has become clear in the last couple of years that our world is changing and going through transition in ways that most of us have never experienced, from weather patterns, to finances, to healthcare and education. In one of our previous Source Points issues, I discussed the stages of Change – 1) Resistance, 2) Becoming open, 3) Practicing something new and then finally 4) Internalization where it becomes automatic.

Times of change can be very stressful; yet, in the end, there is always something new that evolves from the transition.

Just as our congress is grappling with what to do with our budget to have our country remain viable and our people financially secure, there are choices to be made.  I have always believed that from any breakdown there is always the opportunity to have a breakthrough. 

In reading current training and development articles, I am excited to see the transition that is occurring in the way people take on personal development and learning. 

At Source Point Training we have been proud to be on the leading edge of training for what I believe will be the next generation of leaders, coaches, and facilitators of change.

Here are some trends that will create the transition for our educational systems and our leaders of tomorrow. 

Feeding the pipeline for the next generation of leaders. Companies around the country are facing the very real challenge of developing the next generation of leaders as the Baby Boomers prepare to leave the work force. This will require revolutionary new ways to train and develop people.

Coaching is now a standard way of leading and managing within organizations.  Coaching for family systems has taken on a new level of creating value for families managing with today’s demands from finance, to education, to careers.  Group coaching is a new way of working with people to come together with common goals and having the support of a group and a professional coach to guide them to achieve the results they want in life.

Improvisational Learning Systems. More and more people want to learn by doing. Training and educational systems are designing more ways to learn from the old improve model. Make it up – play with it and create in the moment.  The next generation of professionals will need the skills of learning the value of requisite variety.   That means – the element in a system with the most flexibility will be the controlling element. This applies from parenting to being competitive in a global market.

When we look at transition and managing change the following areas are always good to examine:

What is my Purpose and Vision?

What competencies do I have/will I need to develop

What coaching is needed?

At Source Point Training, we are pleased to be in relationship with many individuals who are involved in this transition and to be co-creators of developing training, coaching and family educational support systems that will revolutionize the way we participate in our world. Together, we will, as we have proven for centuries, evolve to higher levels of self-awareness and new technology to move forward.

To the Moon and Back Scotty!!!

By Barbara Fagan, Co-Founder & President


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