Mastery – 4 Steps to Success!

Let’s face it – most of us would love to achieve a level of mastery in our lives.  Whether it is in pursuit of business success, a skill set that we see as valuable, a hobby, or a sport that excites us.  Achieving mastery is a goal for each of us in some area of our lives.  Mastery isn’t reserved for just the super talented or those who got an early start. It’s actually a lifelong journey.Baby Learning to Walk

In watching a baby take his first attempts at mastering the art of ‘walking’, it is clear that it has its ups and downs!  There are unsuccessful attempts, beginning success, uncertainty, falls, and finally success.  The steps to mastery are in the committed action to continue forward until success becomes habits, then ceativity leading to invention, then breaking through to a whole new level experienced as mastery.

So, what are the clear steps to achieve mastery?  What is the strategy that those having achieved mastery have followed?

1.  INSTRUCTION –  Be open to learning from others who have done the work and can instruct you to replicate their results.  Being a commitment to life-long learning is the first step toward mastery.

2.  SURRENDER – Trust the process.  Many celebrities appear to be ‘naturals’ or ‘blessed’ when in reality they spent many years learning, being coached, and working to achieve the level of ‘talent’ they seem to effortlessly demonstrate.

3.  PRACTICE –  Be a beginner and practice, practice, practice to generate the outcomes you want.  As Barbara Fagan says, “There is no substitute for discipline and persistence.”

4.  INTENTIONALITY – Be intentional to create the success you want.  Decide, declare, and take committed action. This includes being clear about your purpose and vision – why does being masterful in _______ matter to you?  Hire a coach – they see what you cannot see about yourself and partner with you towards breaking through to the next level as you move towards mastery.

Any journey begins with the first step, what first step will you to take today?
By Tommy Ruff

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