How Leaders Sustain Integrity

How Leaders Sustain Integrity  – Honoring Agreements Begin Within

An effective leader honors agreements. It’s that simple. Keeping one’s word to others, and most importantly, to oneself, “makes or breaks” a real leader. Our lives, careers and relationships work exactly to the degree that we keep our agreements. Broken agreements create mistrust, disappointment and broken relationships. Simply put, honored agreements create the life we want to live.

An agreement is a conscious pointing of intention toward a certain goal, and then fulfilling that goal through commitment. It has integrity by virtue of the fact that we make it and for no other reason. Imagine our sphere of influence and enrollment (business-building, for example) if no one took us seriously because they couldn’t depend on, or believe in, what we say. Our integrity and success rests on consistently keeping agreements, no matter what excuse our mind conjures up.

The most profound agreements we make in life are those we make with ourselves. The first step is making an agreement to honor agreements with ourselves. It sounds trite and simple, but it’s the truth. If we can’t keep promises to ourselves how can we expect to keep them with others? The work begins at home. If we’re to honor agreements with others, we must first honor agreements with ourselves.

By staying committed to our word (what we say we’ll do/our agreements), no matter what, we’ll create our dream, reach our goals and be a true leader in our own life, as well as others. In Leadership Source, you will learn how the integrity of agreements create the life you truly want to have.

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Barbara Fagan & Lou Dozier, Co-Founders


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