An Ingredient of Leadership – What is Accountability?

Many people think of accountability as a way to keep score and manage results. Making it all about blaming versus accountability is the first mistake we make when we talk about accountability. But the truth is, accountability creates awareness and opens the possibilities for new actions and beliefs in our lives.

Accountability simply means to have ownership for all results – either working or not working. Most people love to claim positive results and will tell you all the things they did to get them. But they are reluctant to have that same sense of excitement when looking at the results that they did not want. Simply put, accountability means “I am Able-to-Account for the choices I made, or am making, that lead to the outcomes I have now.” The opportunity is the power of creation – not being at effect of circumstances – but being in the driver’s seat of one’s life regarding ownership of the choices we make in any given moment.

In Leadership Source, we assist individuals in becoming aware of how powerful accountability can be in their lives, allowing them to achieve goals with outstanding results. The possibilities are endless when we take a look at, and take action using accountability as a Source Point.

Barbara Fagan & Lou Dozier, Co-Founders

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