Why Become A Coach Now?

hoopMany of us have heard the stories of where coaching originated — in the fields of business and sports. Athletes have been using sports coaches for years to greatly improve their performance. Michael Jordan had a ‘shooting’ coach (as well as 5 other coaches) to win six championship rings and numerable MVP awards. Of course, he is extremely talented, and I’m taking a stand that he also became great because of individual coaching.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has conducted the first worldwide survey of coaching clients. This survey reveals coaching generates a solid return on investment for clients and creates positive changes in client goal areas for both individuals and companies.

Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. An overwhelming majority of individuals who worked with a professional coach (82.7%) report being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience and (96.2%) said they would repeat it given the same circumstances.

“The bottom line is coaching works!” says Karen Tweedie, President, ICF. “The ICF has promoted the incredible benefits of coaching for nearly 15 years, but now we have this important data to support our claims which is based on independent, comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research.”

Coaching works and it is not limited to athletics, personal training or corporate endeavors. The coaching process officefocuses on desired goals and developing a strategy, competency and the commitment on the part of the client to create the results they want. Coaching is the “missing ingredient” in creating sustainable change. Accountability and co-creation between the client and coach create the winning recipe to make lasting changes.

Coaching is recognized as one of the fastest growing professions over the next five years particularly as individuals, both personal and professional – are committed to maximizing their performance. The time is now to become prepared to be a part of this growing profession.

The Source Institute is accepting applications NOW for our upcoming Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching trainings. Space is limited. This will be one learning experience that will give YOU a ROI (return on your investment) year over year.

Our commitment is to create an environment of committed individuals forming a community of life-long learners. The time is now for you to join this select group of individuals — committed to developing their skills as a performance coach — and experience our foundational coach’s training, accredited by the International Coach Federation for 84.5 hours of Continuing Coach Education units. Register online at www.SourcePointTraining.com or contact me at [email protected] to become a part of the coaching wave of the future today!

Tommy Ruff, Director of The Source Institute


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