Sharing Our SPT Values with Our Community

What I LOVE about our company is that we actually walk our talk. And, I love hearing from others that this is their experience of us as a company. When we had our company meeting in January, we created a process from which we declared our Source Point Training company values. We worked together to align on a definition for each Value that worked for each of us:

Accountability: To take personal responsibility and be in ownership for all outcomes created, recognizing we are the source of 100% of our results.

Respect: To live the value of respect by celebrating and embracing the unique gifts that every human being contributes.

Leadership: To evoke trust in self and in others, enrolling them in committed action as architects of change.

Vision: To trust and believe in a future possibility that generates committed action, and attracts the resources to manifest it into reality.

Communication: To promote clarity and exchange information, thoughts, ideas and feelings effectively, to create connection.

deskWe then gathered symbols that represented each of these values. This picture shares those symbols and is a visual anchor to keep us focused on each one of them. And I can state that we refer to these values frequently in our company communication and in our commitment to living in integrity with what Source Point Training stands for – facilitating revolutionary change!

So often, we simply throw out the word value ~ but aren’t really clear about what it means to us. The definition of a VALUE is freely and consciously chosen (from alternatives) guiding principles that encompasses every area of life. This makes choices in setting priorities, choosing relationships and spending time and energy so much easier. Asking yourself “Is this choice aligned with my declared value?” If so, great, go for it ~ if not, than no. Living aligned with our values in every area of our lives takes commitment. However, when you do you will feel so much more harmony and you will attract others to you who respect and align with your values which reduces stress and conflict as a result. Take time this week to reflect and ask yourself the following:

What are my values?

When did I last review my values? Personal, Family, Business?

Did I take the time to specifically declare and define what my values are?

Have I written them down and share them with my family and business associates?

How am I allocating time to live them each day of my life?

Perhaps you can also do what we did– find symbols that represent each of your values and place them in a visible space for all to connect with. Take a picture of the items and put it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, computer, etc. EVERYWHERE to keep in your consciousness! If you do, people will say to you, “I admire that you walk your talk!”

Lou Dozier, Co-Founder & Executive VP

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