What are You leaving in Your Wake?

What are you leaving in your wake?

We all have special people who come into our lives, some for short periods of time and some for a lifetime. This past weekend, I took part in sending forth Father Nicholas, our Pastor of 15 years, on to his new mission for ministering. As I sat and listened to his final homily, I realized the magnitude of his final gift to our parish family.

He told of a young man who was feeling conflicted in his life. The young man had great material success and yet was feeling incomplete. As he and his priest continued to talk, his priest asked him “What are you committed to?” The young man did not want to get into some deep religious conversation. The priest continued, “Everyone has a religion of some sort. Everyone functions from a grand operating principle. Mostly that principle can be inferred by the wake they leave behind as they pass through their life. Like the wake of a boat tells where it’s been.”

This gave me cause to pause and reflect. If I looked back at my “wake,” what would I see? What was part Wakeof my wake last week, last month and last year? Are my choices and actions creating the wake I intend to create for myself and others? If I were to ask others about my wake, what would they say about what I am creating?

As Father Nicholas continued, being a man of great theology, he said “The gifts given and received make people what they are – the reciprocity of giving, receiving and grace. It is how love begets love, zeal produces zeal, and generosity engenders giving.”

On the ride home, my mind was swirling with inquiry and looking back over the last several years at my “wake.” Several moments stood out for me. There was a clear theme, along with a highlight experience, in my wake — service. Service has always been in my bones. What I got to realize on my beautiful ride home through the Pennsylvania countryside was that my wake became so much fuller after my completion of my Performance Coach training back in 2006. I saw how much more of me became available including the ability to better share my gifts with others. I realized the incredible gifts of love and support I received from others that made it possible to make the career change into having my own coaching business. My love of service, while having been there all my life, clearly showed up much more powerfully, fuller and broader than ever before. Through my experience of becoming a Performance Coach, not only did I receive the best skills and tools available, my way of being with people grew and shifted to a new level of authenticity. It was truly a profound personal and professional experience – a major part of my wake.

I invite you to take time to look at your wake!

What can you do more of in creating your wake?

What will you do less of in order to focus energy on creating your wake?

What is missing for you and still left unfinished in your life?

Consider asking five people what they see as your wake.

What steps are you willing to take to create the legacy that will be remembered by others?

How will you take action today to leave your legacy that makes a difference in the world?

Share Your Experience & impact of YOUR wake!

Ginny Carter

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