When the World is in Flux – How to Stay in The Race

When we look at highly mobile and socially connected work forces, this means that everything is moving all at the same time. How do you manage people?  You don’t, you manage relationships – whether at your workplace or in your own family.  What everyone knows is that change is occurring faster and faster and with it is the ambiguity of what will be next and how to be positioned to be successful.

At Source Point Training, we realize that people and organizations are facing many of the same challenges that they have always faced – only at a faster pace.  From the Gen-Xers to the Millenniums, each have their own world view of what it means to be connected?

In coaching people to take the lead in their life, at home, at work and with themselves, we realize that this is the only way that will create some sense of personal power and control. We have for several years coached and taught people the key elements of mastering change. For some of you reading this, it may sound familiar but I would invite you to consider these three areas of mastering change as it applies in your life today.

Commitment is always demonstrated in our actions and our results are always a reflection of our true intention. Why then do we resist so often looking at our results as a way to really see what we are committed to?  It is because most of us get stuck in doing things the way that we are supposed to.  For Baby Boomers when faced with uncertainty, as we experience today, we want to follow a path that in the past has brought us a sense of certainty. Fast Company recently published an article talking about Gen-Xers and Y’s and shared that they thrive in a state of flux where they are challenged to create new models, careers and challenge assumptions. The question to ask yourself is what you are REALLY committed to?

Accountability will only occur when you are 100% in ownership of all that you are creating in your life.  The Oz Principle, by co-Stay in the Raceauthors Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman, teaches that without looking at your results, you will never really learn anything new.  I call it moving the furniture around in the same house instead of looking at a complete remodel to create something new.  In our upcoming Leadership Webinar, Kelly will show you a great tool to be accountable with the attitudes that have accountability and breakthrough thrive!

Competency – Gone are the days when we got to BE competent as a place where we had arrived.  In this world where nothing stays the same for long, that means we all must be lifelong learners if we expect to stay engaged.  In the cell phone business 5 years ago, 3 companies controlled 64% of the SMART phone market – today none of them do and Samsung and Apple have taken the lead.  Competency and commitment to continual learning is the fuel of all leaders.  Think of it as the fountain of youth!  I have coached for years using the following metaphor:  When you are green, you are growing; when you are red and ripe, you start to rot.  Well that’s a Fagan graphic picture for you.

We invite you to bring your real-world examples to this post to discuss how each one of you is impacting your ability to be in the flux and keep in the race.

Barbara Fagan, Source Point Training President & Co-founder

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