Service & Contribution!

Our family had an opportunity to participate in USC’s basketball camp, and it was wonderful. This was a 2 ½ hour camp for the community where children from ages 3-12 could come in and learn from some of the best players in the collegiate realm. It began with watching the last 45 minutes of USC’s team practice, which was rigorous to say the least. Then we took a tour of their facilities. Kids at USC Camp To see these kids’ faces light up with future possibilities was priceless. It was as if you could read their minds, “This will be me someday!” The last hour was all about the kids doing drills and shooting hoops with these amazing players.

I imagine these basketball players had many places they could be.  However, the spirit of these talented players was focused on contributing to the kids.  They were on the court going for it 100%!  The vibe in the room was contribution, and you could see that trickling down to each one of the kids as they began to assist each other in mastering the drills.

Great leaders in any arena – sports, education, and business – always find ways to be in service and contribute as mentors and coaches.  This is why Source Point Training’s Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity to be in service.

As a coach, I always look beyond the immediate circumstances, to blow up a bigger vision for my clients and stand solidly with them.  Coach Kevin O’Neill of USC Basketball did just that on Sunday with his team.  As a result he has contributed to building self-esteem and dreams with our youth. What a difference 2 ½ hours can make!

Where have you experience great leaders in your communities?

Kelly Mobeck, Leadership Source Director

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