Come Join One of the Fastest Growing Professions

Come Join One of the Fastest Growing Professions

Let’s be honest. There are many choices when it comes to coach training. Whether you are just starting training or want to enhance your coaching skills, there are a lot of options. However, there is no other coach training institute that has been recognized by the International Coach Federation for 257.5 total hours of CCE units toward required coaching core competency development. If that isn’t enough, add in 100% in-person training by master coaches and leadership facilitators with over 25 years of experience as six-figure income coaches.

The Source Institute, a division of Source Point Training, provides rock-solid training and supports participants throughout the entire learning process, not just in the classroom. Training sessions are more than an experienced facilitator and staff in the back of the room. The Source Institute employs only certified professional coaches and brings in experts in the fields of marketing and business development, as well as NLP Master Coaches who engage with the students before, during and after the training weekends to provide maximum support and learning.  As a team, the faculty develops their purpose for supporting the Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching..…”to enroll, support and be in service, in a way that creates an open, caring, creative and fun environment, so that all of the students will internalize the ways of being and become Certified Professional Performance Coaches.”

The Permanent Faculty for Fundamentals and Mastery of Performance Coaching is Joyce Glick, Annie Kirvan and Todd Truex. Contributing Faculty are Andrea Voirin, Cami McLaren, Steffi Jo Kerns, Pete Barrios, Marcia Burditt, Susan David, Penny Polayes, Kelly Mobeck, Mary Bender and Christine Griffin.

What also sets this coach training apart from the others is that each student is coached in the foundational principles of ontological coaching, which is about results and clarity in setting goals. It is also about being with people to assist them to shift the way they are “being” by including and emphasizing mind-body-spirit connection.

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Claim your seat and join us today in this highly recognized coach training program. Become a Certified Professional Performance Coach, and be a part of the best coach training available.

Barbara Fagan & Lou Dozier


When the World is in Flux – How to Stay in The Race

When we look at highly mobile and socially connected work forces, this means that everything is moving all at the same time. How do you manage people?  You don’t, you manage relationships – whether at your workplace or in your own family.  What everyone knows is that change is occurring faster and faster and with it is the ambiguity of what will be next and how to be positioned to be successful.

At Source Point Training, we realize that people and organizations are facing many of the same challenges that they have always faced – only at a faster pace.  From the Gen-Xers to the Millenniums, each have their own world view of what it means to be connected?

In coaching people to take the lead in their life, at home, at work and with themselves, we realize that this is the only way that will create some sense of personal power and control. We have for several years coached and taught people the key elements of mastering change. For some of you reading this, it may sound familiar but I would invite you to consider these three areas of mastering change as it applies in your life today.

Commitment is always demonstrated in our actions and our results are always a reflection of our true intention. Why then do we resist so often looking at our results as a way to really see what we are committed to?  It is because most of us get stuck in doing things the way that we are supposed to.  For Baby Boomers when faced with uncertainty, as we experience today, we want to follow a path that in the past has brought us a sense of certainty. Fast Company recently published an article talking about Gen-Xers and Y’s and shared that they thrive in a state of flux where they are challenged to create new models, careers and challenge assumptions. The question to ask yourself is what you are REALLY committed to?

Accountability will only occur when you are 100% in ownership of all that you are creating in your life.  The Oz Principle, by co-Stay in the Raceauthors Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman, teaches that without looking at your results, you will never really learn anything new.  I call it moving the furniture around in the same house instead of looking at a complete remodel to create something new.  In our upcoming Leadership Webinar, Kelly will show you a great tool to be accountable with the attitudes that have accountability and breakthrough thrive!

Competency – Gone are the days when we got to BE competent as a place where we had arrived.  In this world where nothing stays the same for long, that means we all must be lifelong learners if we expect to stay engaged.  In the cell phone business 5 years ago, 3 companies controlled 64% of the SMART phone market – today none of them do and Samsung and Apple have taken the lead.  Competency and commitment to continual learning is the fuel of all leaders.  Think of it as the fountain of youth!  I have coached for years using the following metaphor:  When you are green, you are growing; when you are red and ripe, you start to rot.  Well that’s a Fagan graphic picture for you.

We invite you to bring your real-world examples to this post to discuss how each one of you is impacting your ability to be in the flux and keep in the race.

Barbara Fagan, Source Point Training President & Co-founder

Service & Contribution!

Our family had an opportunity to participate in USC’s basketball camp, and it was wonderful. This was a 2 ½ hour camp for the community where children from ages 3-12 could come in and learn from some of the best players in the collegiate realm. It began with watching the last 45 minutes of USC’s team practice, which was rigorous to say the least. Then we took a tour of their facilities. Kids at USC Camp To see these kids’ faces light up with future possibilities was priceless. It was as if you could read their minds, “This will be me someday!” The last hour was all about the kids doing drills and shooting hoops with these amazing players.

I imagine these basketball players had many places they could be.  However, the spirit of these talented players was focused on contributing to the kids.  They were on the court going for it 100%!  The vibe in the room was contribution, and you could see that trickling down to each one of the kids as they began to assist each other in mastering the drills.

Great leaders in any arena – sports, education, and business – always find ways to be in service and contribute as mentors and coaches.  This is why Source Point Training’s Leadership Development Program provides an opportunity to be in service.

As a coach, I always look beyond the immediate circumstances, to blow up a bigger vision for my clients and stand solidly with them.  Coach Kevin O’Neill of USC Basketball did just that on Sunday with his team.  As a result he has contributed to building self-esteem and dreams with our youth. What a difference 2 ½ hours can make!

Where have you experience great leaders in your communities?

Kelly Mobeck, Leadership Source Director

On Gratitude

The more I listen to the gratitude of others, the more grateful I feel in my own life and the more compelled I feel to share with others that which has been given to me.

teacherThird Grade: Mrs. Bammel, cracks open the math book. It’s time to teach negative numbers. It goes like this: You start at zero. If you move to the right of zero, you’re in the positive. Simple stuff: 1, 2, 3. If you move to the left of zero, you’re in the …wait? What? Negative numbers. Makes no sense: -1, -2, -3….As toe-tinglingly in love as you are with Mrs. Bammel, with her Dutch-boy haircut, caramel voice, and bottomless treasure chest of glue, glitter and felt, you have to protest. “Mrs. Bammel, excuse me, Mrs. Bammel…. Why in the world would we count negative numbers? That’s counting what’s not there!”

You can count your lack forever, and it’s an easy thing to do, and if you’re always only counting then you’re always never at risk of losing anything ever again.

Except even when you think you’ve lost everything, you’re never without. In fact, this is the perfect moment to allow gratitude to be your guru, to whisper with grace small words of thanks for everything – anything­ – in your life. Begin like this:

I am alive.

How beautiful would this world be if we counted all that we have and not what we’ve lost or never had?

The funny thing about life’s riches, they were always there; I wasn’t. Becoming present was not the result of therapy, or chiropractic adjustments, or yoga, or aimless road trips, though all of those things certainly helped. The real key was simply listening without borders, boundaries, or expectations. Letting go of the knowing and really just living in the experience. You are surrounded by people who are living in bliss. I was. I am. And it is our duty, as Kurt Vonnegut shared weeks before his passing in 2008, to help each other through this life in whatever ways we can.

As a journalist, it is my job to listen. So, discarding the third grade math lessons of Mrs. Bammel, I chose to listen. Really listen for gratitudelisten. What I found: Listening feels good. It feels great. I receive so much by simply being more present. This is an enormous gift I have been given. The more I listen to the gratitude of others, the more grateful I feel in my own life and the more compelled I feel to share with others that which has been given to me. You cannot listen to the gratitude of others without being reminded of the great gift that is your own life, without experiencing a profound ignition of your own passions and curiosities about the world in which we live, without discovering anew or for the first time high magic and low puns and great possibilities and unexpected delights that exist right here and now in this universe.

Your universe!

To listen to and be moved by others gratitude, then more importantly, to share in turn, might launch a revolution of sorts, a minor movement toward a higher consciousness that puts at a premium the simple act of counting our blessings and sharing them with others. How beautiful would this world be if we counted all that we have and not what we’ve lost or never had? Your gratitude means as much as anyone else’s. And so I am listening. We are listening. The world is listening. Wherever you are, let it begin now, like this:

I am grateful for…

What are you grateful for and how does truly listening support you in life?

By Todd Aaron Jensen