Leading with Purpose and Managing Priorities

With today’s 24/7 demands, our attention is divided and we’re forced to focus on things that may not necessarily be what’s important.

Control is one of our greatest illusions. Let’s face it, even with all the information available, unexpected events often interfere with our plans and our best efforts to control an outcome or an event, and even ourselves. And what happens to us, to those around us, and to the teams and organizations we lead when things get disrupted?

Multi tasking in every directionFor many of us, it depends on the day. There are times when we run into an obstacle and see it as an opportunity for creativity; a challenge that excites us. Then there are times when an obstacle throws us off balance, creates confusion and stress, and shows up in our actions. These reactions are often not productive, and it depends on our ability, on that day, in that moment, to regain focus quickly so we can respond with purpose and creativity.

Great news! It’s possible to cultivate this capacity and train ourselves in the same way we would train our body to be stronger, more flexible and fit. And, for this training to be the most effective, do it in the context of strengthening and expanding our capacity to lead with purpose.

Leadership Source training and coaching provides the ability to be purposeful and present, in all areas of our lives each day. The results we consistently see have been both in what people already recognize about their lives, and in new awareness and personal practices developed in a short period of time that is extraordinary.

We coach people to lessen the time that they live on auto-pilot and reaction and to use their time more effectively by being focused on their purpose and desired outcomes, learning to adapt responsibly.  Participants learn that stopping and making the effort to be purposeful improves their capacity to be at their best and enhance their productivity and clarity. They stop being on auto-pilot norms
that had become engrained as they juggle demands.

What’s needed now, more than ever, is the ability to cultivate our capacity to be present, to experience life and people exactly as it unfolds, and to tap into this potential gift of leadership presence with clarity, compassion and joy.  Learn to remove distractions, or significantly lessen them, so that there is more room for the spaciousness and clarity to respond with purpose, flexibility, calm and
creativity when the unexpected occurs.

As we work with our clients in their own leadership purpose, they rediscover the passion that first brought them to their chosen profession or to their leadership aspirations. Time and again, people are able to answer the call to be of service to their teams, to be compassionate leaders, to push the boundaries of knowledge, and meet the challenge to be creative and passionate about their unique contribution.

Share with us what cultivates your presence to support experiencing people and events with an open clarity, compassion and focus!

Cultivate your capacity and master your Leadership skills at Source Point Trainings for an amazing tomorrow!

By Kelly Mobeck

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