Trust is the Foundation of All Relationships

In order to be in a relationship, we must have trust. It is an essential part of relationships including family, friends, business, politics and significant others. The good news is that trust can be very fulfilling; the hard news is that trust involves risk. What is your general level of trust with others?

There are different types of trust that include Simple Trust, Blind Trust and Authentic Trust, and in the end trust is a choice.

Simple Trustis the kind of trust that most of us take as unquestionable. As children, we have simple trust until we experience something that challenges that belief; we take for granted that a friend will be true to us, until they are not. Simple Trust can be lost and not recovered.

Blind Trustis when we know the truth but are unwilling to see it — it’s when we ignore what’s really happening. Blind Trust not only rejects evidence, but denies it.

Authentic Trust is where we want to be. In Authentic Trust we are aware of the risks, dangers and liabilities, and maintain the self-confidence of trust nonetheless. Authentic Trust is about being in relationships with what it takes to create, design, maintain and restore trust throughout the journey of the relationship.

Simple and Blind Trust ignores, denies and/or discounts the betrayal of trusts, so there are no alternatives to restoring trust. Authentic Trust understands that trust may be broken, as well as holds the space that trust is a choice.

Trust is not reliability, predictability or what is understood as trustworthiness. Trust is a choice and an option we choose that builds or breaks down relationships. Where do you want to be on the trust scale?

In Certified Relationship Coach Training, we get clear about trust and the roles and aspects of how trust impacts, destroys and/or builds healthy relationships.

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