How Choice Creates Great Leaders

Each day, we all make choices — consciously or unconsciously, which sets up the path for creating the results that we have. For many of us, this is probably a BIG pill to swallow, especially if we have faced many experiences where we did not see how we were responsible for the outcome. If we look deeply, we can begin to see all the choices we have made or could have made on the way to creating our outcomes. Some of those outcomes were part of our plan and some were not, but we always make the best choice available in the moment.

No one wakes up thinking, “What are some of the dumbest choices I can make today?” Yet as we step out into our daily lives, events occur and we respond, or in many cases, react, to what is occurring. We have the opportunity to look at all of these instances along the road, gather information, review other results (good and not so good) and make the best choice possible each time.

If we want things to be different, we can make new choices and take new actions, which will empower us to move forward using all of the information from the past. That history can positively support us in creating the changes and outcomes we truly desire.

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