Your Results are Simply Your Results

by Lou Dozier

“Your results are simply your results” is certainly much easier said than accepted. Your universal mirror can truly be exciting — if — you are willing to let go of the right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure paradigm as you examine your results. Creating a healthy relationship with your results will allow you to be real regarding living the life you love. When your results match what you have declared for yourself, you have feedback that you are indeed on your game. If you don’t, then you have the information necessary to do things differently. It’s as simple as that!

Declaration is inherent in intentional living. A declaration is “something that isn’t that could be.” The Declaration of Independence is an example. When our forefathers created this declaration—we were not yet free; there were many Red Coats still hanging around. However, based on results, the consciousness was aligned in that the thinking, feeling and action was consistent with the declaration. So it came to be.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should sit around chanting “ohm”…but instead, recognize that your thinking, feelings and actions must be aligned with your declarations and intentions in order to have what you say you want. As I became involved in exploring this distinction of intentionality, I must tell you I was disappointed that it wasn’t more “magical” in creating my vision. And then I “got it” in a powerful way: I am meant to have my dreams and I am meant to make them happen. What I got very clear about is that the Universe (or whatever is meaningful for you) is designed to give me what I authentically want. I just need to be willing to develop practices that will assist me in consistently being aligned with my vision.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
When I first ran into this principle, I had difficulty wrapping my brain around it. As I pondered and reflected (which I invite you to do — what I love to refer to as “grapple”), I realized how true this has been in my life.

I am famous in my circle of relationships for what I love to refer to as “travel karma.” The first year I was training (way back in 1986), I had “horrible” travel experiences. I missed flights, had delayed flights, lost two bags (never to be found), was mugged, had my purse stolen in New York City, had my purse stolen in the break-out room in Honolulu, slept in airports, etc. (Just for your info — I never missed a training.) I realized that the more I worried (was afraid or concerned), the more it kept happening. So, at the end of that year I asked myself, “Lou, is this the way you want to travel? You don’t arrive rested, relaxed or as grounded as you want.” And in that moment, I created a very clear vision of what my travel experience would be from that moment forward.

I wasn’t familiar with the principle of intention, but in retrospect I “saw” myself arriving at trainings relaxed, rested and grounded. I began thinking, feeling and acting as if this was the only possibility. I created certain practices:  arrived early at the airport, took the first flight out, did not work on the flight — it was my time. Then I got noise reduction headphones for the purpose of not interacting with others, arrived at the hotel early afternoon, took myself out to a fabulous restaurant where I was graciously served, and I retired early. This has been my pattern for the last twenty three years! I love it!

What occurred is that I began thinking, feeling and acting in alignment with this vision. My energy is now 100% focused on what a fabulous flight I’m going to have. (There have been a few hiccups — once in a blue moon I’m on a flight that may have mechanical difficulty — and I chalk that up to “there are no accidents” and the Universe is taking care of me.)

Through choosing your intention, then locking your attention on it, you have chosen to think, feel, and act as if it were a done deal. Notice that this doesn’t mean that you just sit around waiting for something to happen. You are the one who chooses (or not) to act with intention and attention. In fact, I would assert that the work you are up to is BEing the person that is consistent with your intentions.

Remember that everything is energy and the Universe is simply reflecting what you authentically want; either consciously or unconsciously. This is where it is imperative that you be willing to explore and examine your attitudes, assumptions or beliefs and have a handle on what makes you tick. Because, I promise, that you are creating your reality based on how you choose to participate.

Let’s examine financial abundance in this context. I have certainly stated over and over again, in many of my seminars, that you will have exactly the same amount of money you are willing to have. Many people have all kinds of reasons, stories and excuses to prove why they don’t have more than they have. So, if everything is energy (including money) how are you thinking, feeling and acting aligned with what you say you want?

So, if you have declared that you want to create $100,000 this year, then your ATTENTION in thinking, feeling, acting must be in alignment with you are already there. If you declare this, and think, feel, act worried about your financial situation or tell everyone how broke you are, practice the “I can’t afford this” attitude. Then that energy will cancel out your declaration.

I mentioned earlier that most of what we create actually occurs unconsciously. So, if you recognize a pattern in your financial situation that you say you don’t want, then it’s time to do some in-depth exploring regarding your beliefs around it. If you have a belief that “money is the root of all evil,” chances are pretty good that you would be sure not to have enough. (By the way, the statement is actually “The love of money…”)  So, anytime you think, feel or act “broke,” you are sending out energy that cancels THAT declaration and reinforces the one you are thinking, feeling, and acting. It’s probably obvious now. This isn’t just sitting around and waiting until your new car appears in the drive way — but actually to BECOME the person who would have that new car.

I suspect I’ve given you some things to chew on. Something I recommend to you at this point is to begin to journal and notice where your attention goes. Do you find yourself focusing on the negative or what I would refer to as the “what’s not working in your life?” If so, notice your results. Begin to become very conscious of what you are saying to yourself — your inner dialogue or self-talk. What is it producing? You are in charge of what you think, feel and act — what is driving the choices you are making?

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