Taking Committed Action

by Candy Cole, Leadership Coach

One of the many characteristics a leader embraces is that of taking committed action in life! Leaders understand that they are at source, and in creating a desired result take on the attitude of “If it’s to BE, it’s up to ME!” Leaders learn from each result they create and carry that learning into their future choices. They live each day in the present with an eye on the future they are creating.

When we want to make a change, we create a vision. This vision opens up a whole new possibility that helps us set a specific goal. Many people stay right in that place of considering and wondering “what if” and never really accomplish what they set out to do. What brings them to living their dream is committed action, and the understanding that they are creating and inventing something that wasn’t going to happen otherwise. Leaders let their promises and commitments dictate their actions.

Commitment is a leadership value, and by definition is being bound emotionally and intellectually to some course of action and then doing whatever it takes to have it happen. Leaders live in the stand that life works no matter what the circumstances are. They understand that they matter and are accountable for their actions rather than working from the concept that their success or failure is based on their circumstances. This is key! A leader learns to remain neutral in situations; therefore, they learn to distinguish between the fact and the interpretation of the story behind it. Results don’t lie!

According to Zander and Zander in The Art of Possibility, we all have the capacity to override the hidden assumptions (circumstances) that give us the world we see. By being open to possibilities we can create the conditions for the emergence of anything that is missing. Using the framework of possibilities, embracing that anything is truly possible, and by following the road map of specific committed action, we can move forward and create a new reality (a goal accomplished). It really is that simple! One of the greatest gifts of taking committed action is that an individual is accessing their own unique personal power and natural leadership skills to achieve their goals. Now that’s empowerment!

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