What is Intentionality?

We live in the most exciting time in world history. Right now. This is the time when spiritual traditions and scientific findings have stopped opposing one another and have become sister studies. The quantum physicists, the chaos theorists and the biologists of today are the mystics of the twenty-first century, proving the timeless truths those mystics and spiritual leaders have been teaching us since the beginning of time. It’s happening through hard scientific evidence.

Modern science proves that everything in our world is comprised of energy — everything! What appears to be solid — your house, car, dog, even your body — at the quantum level is 99.99999 percent energy or light. All energy vibrates (vibrational) and we call that frequency. What this truly means is that you’ll never create high-energy results from a low-energy vessel.

Like attracts Like
Are you ready to give up the age old belief that life is a struggle? You have probably heard of the “Law of Attraction.” Films like “What the Bleep” or “The Secret” talk about this law. I found myself excited by both, and yet felt that this might easily be construed as wishful, magical thinking. The law simply states that like vibrations are attracted to each other, and dissimilar vibrations repel. So, you’ll never attract prosperity in your life if you’re constantly sending out vibration waves of poverty and lack.

Now, I am no scientist so am not able to report chapter and verse how this works. However, I am clear that I can choose to approach and create my life from this purposeful context. I would love to be able to sit in a meditative pose, simply imagine my fabulous life and poof — it just happens! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) that’s not how it occurs. I would also assert that most of us don’t really want to live mediocre lives. However, it is so easy to simply stay in our comfort zone and keep doing what we’ve always been doing and getting what we’ve always gotten.

Doing Things Differently
Our current level of results including  our appearance, bank account, house, car, relationships, joy or lack of, etc., are simply a mirror of what we have been putting out. Now, a mirror doesn’t judge, doesn’t say it’s good or bad, doesn’t edit or delete — it just reflects back what is put forth. Most of what we have been putting out is unconscious — unintentional, if you will. Therefore, if we want our lives to be different, then we must be willing to get out of our comfort zone and do things differently.

I stand in the belief that every human being matters, makes a difference, is a unique contribution and is authentically magnificent. We all deserve to live the life we love.

Living Life Intentionally requires “being now” what we envision for ourselves and our lives.

Stay tuned for more…

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